Season 1, episode 3 recap of Thai Cave Rescue The Princess Chalice

Season 1, episode 3 recap of Thai Cave Rescue The Princess Chalice ...

This recap of the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue season 1, episode 3, titled "The Princess' Chalice," contains spoilers.

The third episode of Thai Cave Rescue might go either way, due to the first two episodes' entertaining differences. Hopefully, that will occur in this episode, and if not, later in the season.

Thai Cave Rescue Season 1, episode 3 recap

The GoPro video of the trapped boys has gone viral, with millions of people following it on social media. Kelly Suwannarat arrives; she's an engineer hoping to assist. It's likely that in the next four hours, it will be near impossible to get to the children unless something is done now. However, the Governor has doubts. She says she will go ahead with her plan.

The Governor discovers that the water is leaking out of the cave entrance. Because of this, he cannot send any additional help into the cave. After Dom asks whether his family will even care if he is trapped in the cave, his friend assures them that they are all family because they are stuck there. It's very frustrating for Pim, who continues to blame herself for not constructing the cave.

The conclusion

The rescue team begins their quest to find the underground cave. However, Pim believes that he has failed the boys. However, they may have just found gold. They can only depart in the same manner they entered. As a result, they will need a different rescue strategy.

The second episode isn't as enjoyable as the second, but it's enjoyable to watch. The only thing I'm concerned about is that the story is coming to an end slowly, so how will the story be spaced out in a way that will entertain the next three episodes?

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