Zero Daze: A recap of Pantheon season 1, episode 5

Zero Daze: A recap of Pantheon season 1, episode 5 ...

This AMC+ series Pantheon season 1, episode 5, titled "Zero Daze," recap contains spoilers.

Zero-day is a term used in computing to describe a vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers. In episode five of Pantheon, titled "Zero Daze," the group investigates Maddie's attempt to fix Logorhythms once more, while Caspian discovers his true purpose in life.

Season 1, episode 5 of Pantheon: a recap

Logorhythms' secret base in Norway is shown in a birds-eye view. Pope is on the phone with Waxman, who updates him on Prasad's company. Customers are rioting in the streets. Waxman has discovered a missing employee named Chanda, who he suspects has fled just like David.

While Maddie delves into the program, David begins to lose interest in it, causing it to sink all Uploaded Intelligence. He must then restore his memory. The gang are at a loss for time and must find a solution ASAP.

Caspian meets Hannah and takes her hostage, stumbling down the road, requesting answers. Hannah is quick to crack and clarifies everything, since she was hired as an actor to befriend Caspian in what she was told was a social experiment. Caspian asks about his parents' involvement, and Hannah replies, "We'll never know."

Renee asks Caspian to investigate him, continuing the same old strategy. Caspian decides to put cameras in the house and captures Renee breaking her character. She tells her that Cary has gone rogue and fled the project. She sends Caspian on a road trip, clearly using this vacation to hunt down Cary.

The gang considers contacting Logorhythms again, and Maddie casually mentions her knowledge of their hidden base in Norway. David swiftly hacks into Pope's phone and then a laptop, downloading all the company's secretive files, and to wipe David and Laurie clean of existence. Waxman misleads David and Laurie, though.

Caspian steals Renee's automobile and drives off to find his father. Cary confesses everything to his son, explaining the whole terrible affair. Holstrom created the first UI's, but they all came with the same problem. He died of cancer before achieving his goal. Caspian is a clone of himself.

The conclusion

Through hacking, David and his coworkers discover that Logorhythms does not actually have a cure for the disease, believing a boy called Caspian may be their salvation. Caspian was created solely to correct the defect and save humanity. Cary and Renee were hired to analyze all of Caspian's inflection points, virtually recreating his life to make an exact replica of the man's genius.

Renee arrives just after Cary confesses everything to Caspian. She shoots Cary in the chest, causing Renee to flee with Cary, leaving Renee all alone. Caspian tells Maddie about Caspian's vital role in their future, and she concludes that he is just a clone.

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