Shakira puts a halt on the filming of a music video in order to rescue a beaten journalist

Shakira puts a halt on the filming of a music video in order to rescue a beaten journalist ...

Shakira suspends filming of a music video in order to free a deceased journalist.

Shakira, who was filming the music video for her upcoming single "Monotona" with Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ozuna, has had to put a halt to production due to a major issue.

The Colombian production crew came to Catalua to shoot the sequences, which attracted a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

On Saturday, both singers put in over 15 hours of work, which was a long and exhausting day. “Te Felicito” was not anticipated to be interrupted by urgent pleas for help addressed to her, but that is exactly what happened.

The afternoon sequences were shot in a grocery store, while the morning scenes were shot in the city centre.

Jordi Martin, a Spanish paparazzi, was there to record the entire event. He happened to be in the midst of filming when he discovered the bizarre happening and captured it on camera.

A Colombian journalist was involved in a tragic incident and most likely would have been apprehended by city police in the vicinity.

“I am a journalist! Get help! They’re hitting me! Shakira!” The singer's plea drew attention.

Jordi Martin claims that the reporter's defiance led to his arrest, but she has no explanation.

A worldwide scandal has been discovered. He was arrogant and smug in his manner. He fought back when they asked to see his identification. This fight was horrible: "I looked at her face and it was a poem, it was a face of circumstance," Martin stated, adding that Shakira was aware of the situation.

Shakira requested a layoff in production in the hope that everyone would settle down and she might resume normal operations on site.

"We all saw the arrest with surprised faces, hallucinating with what we were seeing," the paparazzi said.

She added that the journalist who was imprisoned in Colombia "is known by Shakira's family." Thus, the singer from Barranquilla was deeply concerned about the agents' actions and was afraid that they would do the same to someone else they knew. Or maybe they are uneasy and ashamed about it.

Many people were surprised that Shakira gave up everything and thanked the individual who requested her help, rather than being apathetic.

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