Recap and Ending of Vampire Academy Episode 5

Recap and Ending of Vampire Academy Episode 5 ...

'Vampire Academy' follows the story of a young lady named Rose, who is preparing to serve as her best friend's guardian. However, Rose is a Dhampir, and her only existence lies within the Moroi's dangers. Here's what the fifth season will bring to justice for Dhampirs like Rose.

Recap of the 5th episode of Vampire Academy

As a last test, Rose and her fellow novices are forced to stay in an abandoned location. They have to survive the night, keeping their Moroi target safe, without getting hurt in the process. The novices believe that this is just another simulation; that they'll simply be attacked by other, more experienced guardians. What they don't know is that the council made the decision to let a Strigoi loose on them just before their mission.

Victor tries his best to put an end to the experiment. However, the Queen is in on it and she has no intention to create a rift in the council. When Dimitri and Lissa discover the truth, they decide to take matters into their own hands. While Dimitri rushes to find Rose and others, Lissa joins up with Christian, Mia, Mason, and Jesse.

What Do Lissa's Black Eyes Mean At the End of Vampire Academy Episode 5?

The novices were unaware of a rogue Strigoi on otherwise protected grounds, but Mikhail and his crew are not alerted either, which makes it easier for the rogue Strigoi to attack and kill all of them. The odds of Rose and the team surviving are greatly reduced with a highly trained Strigoi.

Mikhail has already been turned and fatally wounded one of the novices, but Lissa heals him on the spot. In the meantime, Strigoi Mikhail attacks Rose, who is forced to confront a person she truly believes in.

The council considers their experiment a success. Rose is praised as a leader, and she will join the royal tour when she recovers. She has been using her powers since the time she healed her father. However, it appears that the vampires did not want to keep the spirit magic a secret.

Sonya's situation becomes worse, but Lissa goes down a difficult path. She recommends an arrangement with Jesse. She must meet his parents to get her engaged to him. This means she cannot be with Christian anymore.

Although this is a difficult situation for her, it appears to be the least of her concerns. Lissa is starting to notice the effects of her powers, and her eyes too, and her eyes too, as a result of her connection with Lissa. Black eyes are not something that should never happen in a supernatural world.

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