Session: Skate Sim Held a Launch Event in New York

Session: Skate Sim Held a Launch Event in New York ...

Sessions: Skate Sim is a skating game that stands out from the others, and it is because of its realistic nature. Just one day before the game's release, there was a launch event held at Substance Skatepark in Brooklyn where attendees got to test the game and talk with some of the game's creators.

Your first impressions of Session: Skate Sim, from someone who had never played more regular titles such as the Tony Hawk series, are quite daunting. The learning curve isn't huge, though, and after a few minutes you'll be able to grasp some tricks.

Some people may find the controller approach to be challenging.

The first couple of minutes with the game will feel like your first couple of weeks when skating.

Session: Skate Sim has come to terms with a perhaps not so obvious gap that has been standing in the skating games industry, and that is a less arcade-like experience that more closely resembles the real-life experience, while at the same time transferring it to a controller. It appears that the folks at crea-ture studios have managed to land this trick quite nicely.

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