Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71: A Disaster Has Begun! Release Date & Plot

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71: A Disaster Has Begun! Release Date & Plot ...

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71 is the most anticipated chapter in the series. The manga is slowly drifting into a conflictzone with the opening of the seventh episode. In the previous chapter, it was demonstrated that the entire country of Japan was in turmoil. And with a limited number of heroes, saving the world would surely be a huge responsibility for the heroes.

The heroes will commit all of their blood and tears to defeating the Kaiju in the future plotline. But the defense forces are surely outnumbered by these monsters. Will they receive any help from other forces anytime soon? Only time will reveal the answers.

What Will Happen Next in Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71?

The severity of the damage was obvious from the scale of the attack. The world was shocked when such monsters came their way. However, the Japanese Defense force has always been interested in resolving such situations. Even this time, they will be able to deal with the situation effectively.

Kafka, Kikoru, and the rest of the heroes will be seen on the screens again. Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71 will be an action-packed fiesta. It will be interesting to see what new action sequences are added to the mix. But will the Kaijus succeed in conquering the world? Only time will reveal the answers.

Recap of the Previous Chapter!

All Kafka could think of was the fact that he could not respond to all of them at once. The bride was just making an entrance in the hall. All of a sudden, a Kaiju attack befell all of the guests. This included Wakabyashi, Sanguchi, Shiba, and other places around the world.

All of a sudden, news of bombings began to arrive. Kafka was unable to comprehend what was happening around him. The world was in a state of shock, and people did not know what to do. However, help was on the way.

Release Date for Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71

The next chapter is expected to be released a week from the time of writing. Everyone knows that a war is coming. Kaiju No 8 Chapter 71 will be released next week on September 30, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all of the manga's chapters only on Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen's official pages. Thus, keep an eye on List23 for regular updates.

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