For Sim Racing Fans, Logitech has released a G Pro Racing Wheel & Pedals

For Sim Racing Fans, Logitech has released a G Pro Racing Wheel & Pedals ...

During the Logi Play 2022 Event, Logitech demonstrated its G Pro Racing Wheel and G Pro Racing Pedals.

A new Logitech G Edition of the Playseat Trophy cockpit for hardcore sim racing enthusiasts has also been announced.

Watch the video of the reveal below:

The Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel has both Direct Drive (11 Nm) and TRUEFORCE feedback, a customizable thumb sweep button layout, magnetic gear-shift paddles, dual clutch paddles, and a clamping system that makes mounting the wheel a breeze.

The wheel is available in separate PlayStation and Xbox versions, both priced at $999.99.

The Logitech G Pro Racing Pedals are a three-pedal set that includes the clutch, gas, and a load cell brake.

Both the clutch and the brake pedals have interchangeable springs that allow for quick tension and pressure adjustments. Elastomers include interchangeable materials that can be changed in seconds for any preference, from streetcar to race car. Both gas and brake pedals have contactless hall effect sensors for maximum longevity.

All pedals are removable and can be adjusted horizontally, allowing for complete customization and even inversion of pedal positioning in a cockpit.

The pedals are available as a set for $349.99.

For more information on the wheel and the pedals' specifications and functionality, see the official store pages for the wheel and the pedals.

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