G2 Esports' CEOs actions may have cost the company a valuable franchise slot

G2 Esports' CEOs actions may have cost the company a valuable franchise slot ...

Carlos Rodriguez, the CEO of G2 Esports, has agreed to take eight weeks of unpaid leave on Monday after appearing in a video on Twitter celebrating a victory with Andrew Tate, a banned influencer.

G2 reportedly lost a franchise spot in Riot Games' Valorant esports league that was announced today. Riot Games revealed 30 teams in the Valorant International Leagues today, and G2 was not among them.

NeL, a Counter Strike reporter, said on Twitter that G2 was ejected because of the ongoing feud over Rodriguez and Tate.

Rodriguez accepted an unpaid leave after posting a video of himself on Twitter on Saturday while celebrating with Tate, a famous influencer who was banned last month on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram due to complaints about terms of service violations, including hate speech and misogyny.

G2 had just won the European Championship spring tournament in 2022, and it was a runner-up in the summer.

After accusations related to the Tate video, Rodriguez said, "Nobody will ever be able to monitor my friendships." G2 Esports tweeted, "Last night we failed you. The actions of our CEO spoke a language in stark contrast to the value and the culture G2 values. And for that we apologize."

Rodriguez said Sunday, "Many G2 fans were let down this weekend, which created confusion about what I stand for. It has always been my objective to stand for absolute equality of opportunity, regardless of who you are or where you come from, which is what gaming is all about."

G2 announced its first all-woman League of Legends team in May. It may be time for a fresh assessment on that front.

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