Pay-per-use services: rules and regulations

Pay-per-use services: rules and regulations ...

Pay-per-use services are becoming more prevalent in Spanish enterprises, as well as among individuals. Their regulation and regulations are sometimes complex since we are talking about international taxation in an interconnected digital world.

Organizations and individuals often resort to these types of services on a daily basis in order to execute productive activities with a strong technological content. But also because the definition of remuneration for this type of service and its subsequent tax regime, both in terms of income taxation and consumption, present a challenge for tax administrations and taxpaying enterprises, where national regulations coexist. and tax agreements to avoid double taxation (CDI).

According to Garrigues, the way in which each standard solves it has a significant potential impact on today's businesses, since it can lead to withholdings in significant sources, making the cost of these services more costly or less competitive.

GDPR, PCI, ISO27001, Zero Trust... all of them are accumulating in the pending tasks of businesses and institutions around the world that, in many cases, have few teams and inadequate preparation to handle the consequences of this complex situation. The answer is yes.

When migrating to the cloud, it's important to seek for a provider that lives up to customer obligations. For other situations, the public cloud can be a barrier. For other requirements, the cloud can be a compliance facilitator, according to Oracle sources.

Oracle has adopted Exada Cloud@Customer, the "my box" in my CPD, but also OCI, the "everyone's box," but managed services such as Autonomous Database or Autonomous Linux "allow to shift the balance of responsibility towards Oracle," according to the organization.

Oracle is a great enabler for the cloud approach because to its robust infrastructure and a robust set of services, from the beginning. From financial institutions to the public sector, our clients range from high-profile businesses to fast-growing businesses. This reality makes us willing to respond and help you make regulations a business enabler rather than a hindrance. The commitment is to be up to the changes and regulatory updates from the beginning.

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