Is Dr. Dylan Scott leaving Chicago? Did Guy Lockard leave the Chicago Medical Association?

Is Dr. Dylan Scott leaving Chicago? Did Guy Lockard leave the Chicago Medical Association? ...

In NBC's medical drama 'Chicago Med,' Dr. Dylan Scott is one of the most resilient doctors. As a former police officer, Dylan faces challenges with determination and courage. However, the same opens the path for Guy Lockard's departure from the program.

Is Dr. Dylan Scott on the verge of leaving Chicago?

Dylan and Milena are confronted by a member of the Serbian mafia during the seventh season finale. Despite his efforts, Milena escapes the building and hides. Dylan finds Milena and transports her to Gaffney. She dies, severely affecting Dylan.

Dylan decides to leave Chicago after learning of Milena's death. He does not want to continue working at the hospital where he has met Milena for the first and last time. Sharon Goodwin tries her best to persuade Dylan to stay, but she realizes soon that she cannot ignore the agony Dylan endures while working at the hospital.

Dylan's decision to leave Chicago may be his desire to hide from the grief of Milena's death right after it happens. If Dylan gets enough time to grieve his partner's death, he might be able to maintain his job at Gaffney. Since he knows that he has trusted people around him to help him through the difficult times as colleagues, it will not be a surprise if Dylan changes his mind.

Did Guy Lockard Leave the Chicago Med?

The actor's departure from 'Chicago Med' has been announced by NBC and Guy Lockard in the best possible light. If Dylan reconsiders his decision, Lockard is expected to continue to feature in the medical drama. Even if he leaves Chicago, the narrative of the show may continue to unfold throughout his life.

Lockard does not have any other announced projects to be a part of, so it is evident that he does not have any other obligations to fulfill upon his supposedly leaving 'Chicago Med.' In light of these things and possibilities, we may haven't seen the last of Lockard's Dylan in the iconic red Chicago Medical Center scrubs.

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