Top 11 Fall 2022 Anime to Be Hyped About

Top 11 Fall 2022 Anime to Be Hyped About ...

As the Season of Fall 2022 draws closer, it's clear that it'll be packed with some exciting programs, and here's a list of the top 11 most anticipated shows you won't want to miss! You may also vote for your most anticipated Fall 2022 anime!

Top 11 Anime Shows to Watch in Fall 2022

  • Chainsaw Man
  • BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War
  • My Hero Academia Season 6
  • Mob Psycho 100 Season 3
  • Spy x Family Part 2
  • Blue Lock
  • To Your Eternity Season 2
  • The Eminence in Shadow
  • Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3
  • Golden Kamuy Season 4
  • Yowamushi Pedal Season 5
  • Bonus Anime to Keep an Eye on

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man will surely be the most anticipated anime of the year next season. The latest teaser took less than a day to reach 11 million views!

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime, which follows the narrative: Denji is a youngster living with a Chainsaw Devil named Pochita. He has been living a rock-bottom existence while repaying his debt by harvesting devil corpses with Pochita. One day, Denji is betrayed and murdered. He makes a contract with Pochita and gets reborn as "Chainsaw Man."

Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha, MAPPA release date: October 11

BLEACH: A Thousand-Year Blood War

The 2022 BLEACH anime titled BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War is another popular Fall 2022 show, coming after ten years since the original anime was released. Studio Pierrot is returning to produce it, and it will run over 4 cours (48-52 episodes).

No streaming information has been released yet, but the synopsis for the next arc is described: When warning sirens blare through the Soul Society, residents there are suddenly gone, and nobody knows who's behind it... meanwhile, a dark shadow is also extending itself toward Ichigo and his friends in Karakura Town... (VIZ Media)

TITE KUBO / SHUEISHA, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot: October 10

Season 6 of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia will take on the Paranormal Liberation War arc in season 6, and you can see the latest teaser here.

As the season develops, Crunchyroll will be streaming the following seasons: The Paranormal Liberation Front's heroes and villains are about to begin their journey! Even the students of the University of Alabama have joined the heroes to assist in the coming confrontations. The villains also have terrifying resources of their own, including whatever lurks in the doctor's lab... With every moment that passes, Tomura Shigaraki grows closer to his ultimate form...

The release date for the Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha My Hero Academia Project is October 1.

Season 3 of Mob Psycho 100

Mob and Reigen will also return in Fall 2022 in the acclaimed season 3 of Mob Psycho 100. Bones is once again producing it, and it is returning over three and a half years after the second season.

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime, which explains the story: "Mob," a boy who isn't perfect but who happens to be a powerful esper. Mob is able to live a normal existence, but something terrible happens to him when his emotions reach a level of 100%. What will Mob think? What choices will he make?

Release Date: October 5ONE, Shogakukan/Mob Psycho 100 Project 2022

Part 2 of Spy x Family

The first light-hearted show on this Fall 2022 list, but Part 2 is still insanely popular! The anime was co-produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks, and its first part was voted Best New Anime of Spring 2022.

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime, and they tell the story:World peace is at stake, and secret agent Twilight must fulfill his most difficult task yet—pretending to be a family man. Except his wife is a deadly assassin, and neither knows each other's identity. But someone does, his adopted daughter, who is a telepath!

Tatsuya Endo, Shueisha, and Spy x Family Project release date is October 1st.

Blue Lock is a lock that has been locked for years.

Blue Lock is a sports anime that will be aired in Fall 2022. The film is directed by Studio 8bit, who has directed the film. You can see the latest trailer here.

Kodansha has licensed the manga in English, which describes the game: Japan's team is struggling to regroup after a disappointing defeat at the 2018 World Cup; what's missing is a fantastic Ace Striker, who can guide them to victory... and who will be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?

Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, and Kodansha/"Blue Lock" Production Committee Set for Release Date: October 8

Season 2 of To Your Eternity

In Season 2, Fushi's journey continues, and it's certainly another anime to be ecstatic about in Fall 2022. Studio Drive is in charge of the production, taking over from Brain's Base, the studio that created the first season.

Crunchyroll released the first season, but will now release the second. They describe the story:As a child, “it” changes into a rock, then to wolf, and finally to boy, growing as a “person”. Through interactions with human kindness, Fushi learns to love the people he loves.

Yoshitoki Oima / Kodansha / NHK / NEP: Release Date: October 23

Shadow's Eminence

The Eminence in Shadow, the first and only non-continuation Fall 2022 anime on this list, has already gotten a lot of interest just based on the trailers and the plot. Studio Nexus is the studio that is producing the film, and you can see it in the latest trailer:

There are no international streaming details yet. Yen Press licensed the original The Eminence in Shadow light novel series in English, and they describe the story:

Cid's goal in life wasn't to be a protagonist or a final boss. He'd rather lie low as a minor character until it's time to declare himself a mastermind...or at least, pretend to be one! Upon being reborn into another world, he's prepared to create the ideal conditions for himself to live his dreams to the fullest.

Release Date: October 5Daisuke Aizawa,KADOKAWA/Shadow Garden

Welcome to Demon School!Iruma-kun Season 3

Iruma-kun Season 3 is a popular Fall 2022 anime that fans didn't have to wait too long for as the 2nd season ended in September. It's been reimagined by Bandai Namco Pictures, and there's a new trailer here.

Season 3 of Crunchyroll will focus on the Harvest Moon Festival. They include a trailer for the anime and an explanation for the story: Iruma, a 14-year-old human who discovers himself trapped in the world of demons. His loving owner and self-appointed "Grandpa" are the school's chair-demon, as well as many more scary beings! Can Iruma's ultimate pacifist dodge the slings and arrows that are thrown his

Osamu Nishi, Akita Shoten / NHK, NEP: Release Date: October 8

Season 4 of Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy Season 4 is probably the most underrated hyped anime of Fall 2022, with its fourth season coming almost two years after the third. Studio Brain's Base is taking over from Geno Studio, which produced the first three seasons, and you can see the latest trailer here.

Crunchyroll's first three seasons depict the story: In the great Northern field of Hokkaido, the time is in the turbulent late Meiji Era... What awaited Sugimoto, who entered Hokkaido's Gold Rush with hopes of making a fortune, was a tattoo map leading to a hidden treasure based on clues found near Abashiri Prison?! The survival struggle for a hidden treasure hunt begins!

Release Date: October 3Satoru Noda/Shueisha, Golden Kamuy Production Committee

Season 5 of Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal: LIMIT BREAK, Fall 2022's second-hated sports anime, has returned over four years after its last TV adaptation. Here's a sneak peek at the latest trailer:

Onoda Sakamichi is a first-year student at Sohoku High School who tries to join the anime research club after meeting Imaizumi Shunsuke, a well-known cyclist since middle school, and Naruko Shoukichi, who won the Kansai cycling championship.

Wataru Watanabe (Weekly Shonen Champion) / Yowamushi Pedal 05 Production Committee

Keep an Eye on this Bonus Anime

There are still some shows worth watching:

  • Bocchi the Rock! – A music anime by CloverWorks
  • Legend of Mana – The Teardrop Crystal – Anime adaptation of the 1999 RPG
  • Do It Yourself!! – An original slice of life DIY anime
  • Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Remake of a classic anime from the 1980s
  • Reincarnated as a Sword – A sword isekai

Reminder: You may vote for your most anticipated Fall 2022 anime!

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