A-1 Pictures Showdowns Sword Art Online Variant Showdown

A-1 Pictures Showdowns Sword Art Online Variant Showdown ...

The full version of the opening video with Eir Aoi's theme song, titled "ANSWER," has been released on Twitter and YouTube by Studio A-1 Pictures, which has been animating the series' anime adaptations. The game is now available for pre-registration on Apple's App Store and Google's Play in Japanese and English. The launch date is expected in 2022.

In a follow-up tweet, the official Twitter account apologized for a spelling error in the video: Sinon was spelled as "Shinon." The main cast of the anime will return for the game, and some fan-favorite characters will also appear.

Layla, an original game character, was introduced at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 SAO Special Live-Streaming event on September 18th. Sumire Uesaka, who will play Layla, was able to pick her birthday from three options: she chose January 22, which is known in Japan as Curry Day.

Sakura Miko and Murasaki Shion of Virtual YouTuber agency Hololive Production will join the Minato Aqua in clearing SAOVS on the same day. Their gaming streams and additional updates are planned in the near future.

The official website for the game is also available in English and states the main plot:“Have you heard of Cross Edge?”It's a title Kirito has never heard of before. The first: This player wanders around wearing a hood held low to conceal his eyes...Kirito remembers Laughing Coffin, the player-killer guild he encountered in SAO.

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