More Animation Brilliance as Luffy Gives His All Against Kaido in One Piece Episode 1033

More Animation Brilliance as Luffy Gives His All Against Kaido in One Piece Episode 1033 ...

ONE PIECE launched episode 1033 this Sunday, and it was yet another huge moment that got an amazing adaptation from Toei! The episode started with Sanji carrying Zoro, much to his annoyance, and we saw him leave without explaining anything other than how many of Zoro's bones were damaged. Sanji complained about having to carry the guy with a smaller bounty than his. Zoro's sleep-talking were of no help.

Ryosuke Tanaka was named episode director as well as some fantastic animators. Tu Yong-Ce was promoted to the position of Chief Animation Director for the series. The first scene was when Sanji saw Kid facing some random bandits who refused to let him pass. The captain of the Kid Pirates made quick work of them to pursue Big Mom.

Akihiro Ota's second sequence was when Luffy blew up his fist and threw Red Roc at Kaido. The Yonko was talking about how bored he became when he became the strongest, claiming that he understands why it was so rewarding to punch someone less.

Nami vowed to return to Ulti for what she did to Tama. However, she is caught and almost knocked out. Then Big Mom intervenes, deploying her new thunder cloud Hera, and launched a massive assault that completely immobilized Ulti. Henry Thurlow handled the animation, and you may follow it on his Twitter account:

After a dismal moment for Zeus, who appears to be being ruined by Big Mom, we got back to Luffy vs Kaido on the roof. Since everyone will cling on to the hope that Luffy will win this way, we'll see how he'll get back into the fight next time!

The title of episode 1034 is "Luffy, Defeated!" and it will air next Sunday on September 25. Chapter 1060 of the ONE PIECE manga will be released today on Crunchyroll, and you may download the latest manga chapter for free on either the VIZ website or MANGA Plus.

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