Review: Look Back At Chainsaw Man's Wonderful Story From the Creator

Review: Look Back At Chainsaw Man's Wonderful Story From the Creator ...

Tatsuki Fujimoto is a popular name in the shonen scene over the years with Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man. His work is received with great pride: the art, the narrative, and the violence are all outstanding; I can't say I was surprised when a new one-shot, titled Look Back, was released in 2021. The art was great, although the writing was dull at the time.


Ayumu Fujino is a manga author who meets by chance and who share a common desire for illustration. Soon, she realizes that the other student's talent outperforms hers by a lot and she finally gives up. Fujino goes to her rival's house and receives their diploma. Kyomoto's house is where she meets her new boyfriend.

Fujino's work inspired Kyomoto, who spent most of her time drawing and trying to improve so that she could reach "Fujino-sensei's" level. The two eventually meet and begin drawing together. As their friendship grows, Fujino accepts, but Kyomoto surprises her with an offer to serialize their manga.

Look Back – Explanation of the Ending (Spoilers)

Fujino is faced with the harsh reality that when Kyomoto passes away she doesn't even like drawing; it was Kyomoto who kept her going all the time; it was also about what it meant to others, including Kyomoto. So she picks up the pen and returns to drawing, honoring her friend and her passion for art.

When you examine the lyrics to the one-shot, you realize that the song may have been used in a promotional campaign for the one-shot. It is an example of looking forward, moving on, and not wasting your time on what-ifs and what-could-have-beens while berating yourself for failing to do more.

Fujino and Kyomoto, the protagonists' names, form Fujimoto. Perhaps this is a message to both the writer and artists as they are those who spend their lives creating content for others to enjoy, often for nothing in return. However, if you find meaning in your art and those who enjoy it, then you should feel no regrets about looking back.

Look Back – What Does the One-Shot Role in the One-Shot?

I'm sure you've all seen studio MAPPA's CEO, Manabu Otsuka, talking about Fujimoto's work and his desire to eventually animate them all. This, of course, would be a wonderful addition to the anime world, but I'm certain that there would be a better choice for a studio if the opportunity arises.

On September 20, Viz Media will release Look Back in digital and printed formats.

Tatsuki Fujimoto/SHUEISHA Inc. LOOK BACK 2021List23 received an advance copy of Viz Media's release of the Look Back manga for review purposes.

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