A One Piece Episode 1033 trailer has been released

A One Piece Episode 1033 trailer has been released ...

The preview video for ONE PIECE episode 1033 will be released this Sunday, and it shows Luffy coming at Kaido with everything he's got. We also get to see Tama and Usopp, as well as Big Mom and Nami at the end of episode 1030:

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The title of ONE PIECE episode 1033 appears to be "The Conclusion! Luffy, Accelerating Fist of the Supreme King," and it will depict a confrontation between two Conqueror's Haki users, Luffy and Kaido. The short preview video also suggests it will be another highlight of a fight.

The anime's first episode, chapter 1033, will be released on Sunday, September 18, while the ONE PIECE manga will release chapter 1060 on the same day. You can also find the latest manga chapter on the VIZ website or the MANGA Plus website.

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