State of Play on PlayStation in September 2022 Roundup for Anime Fans

State of Play on PlayStation in September 2022 Roundup for Anime Fans ...

The State of Play at PlayStation's recent State of Play, held on September 13, 2022, featured new games, along with updates on previously announced games like Hogwarts Legacy. However, for more cultural individuals who are looking for more 'weeby' titles, the State of Play had you covered. Here are a few games made by Japanese developers that might interest List23 followers.

Tekken 8 (TBA) is a successor to the original.

The famous fighting game series is back with a fresh entry that includes plenty of kicks, punches, and demons. The creator of the series provided insight into the ongoing story:

Ishin!Yakuza/Like a Dragon!(February 2023)

This remake of the Japan-exclusive title released in 2014 (known outside of Japan as the 'Yakuza' series) takes the protagonist to the Edo Period's Bakumatsu period. The developers have given credit to Ghost of Tsushima for paving the way for this game to be released in the West.

Stellar Blade (formerly Project EVE) is a Japanese acronym for space.(2023)

Eve and Adam set in a post apocalypse world with a slew of monsters and sci-fi weapons to fight them, and strive to preserve what's left of humanity.

The Ronin's Rise (2024)

A masterless samurai walks the land facing many opponents in spectacular samurai combat as Japan commemorates the Edo Period and welcomes a new era.

Synduality (2023)

Another sci-fi game set in a dystopian future where what is left of humanity must rely on a cute anime girl to save them, though this one has a robot AI companion. A manga project is also in the works.

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