Everything You Need to Know About William Shatner's Three Children and Their Mom

Everything You Need to Know About William Shatner's Three Children and Their Mom ...

William Shatner, a proud father-of-three and well-known actor, has now added a space traveler to his extensive resume! The 90-year-old Star Trek actor, who played Captain James T. Kirk for many decades, officially went into space on a flight with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, surpassing aviator Mary Wallace "Wally" Funk, who became the record holder when she flew to space with Amazon's founder in July at the age of 82.

William is often seen on screen as the captain of the USS Enterprise or writing history off screen. His three daughters are Leslie Shatner, Lisabeth Shatner, and Melanie Rand, and he married Gloria Rand in 1969. The couple has continued to co-parent their three children.


Leslie, William's oldest daughter, was born on August 31, 1958. Although she's now in her 60s, she once played an Only girl in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, which was named Miri. In a 2014 interview, his proud dad admitted that he was a "hands-on dad," citing his children's belief that they are "here and now."

"But the fact that I was there for them, they tell me," Leslie said, "I'm always concerned about whether or not I've done a good job as a parent." Leslie is now married to Gordon T. Walker, and they have two sons, Grant and Eric Walker.


Lisabeth, Gloria and William's middle daughter, was born on June 6, 1961. She followed her parents' footsteps, eventually entering the acting field when she was younger, including Star Trek: The Original Series, TekWar, and T.J. Hooker. In 2005, she wed Andy Clement, although it's unknown if the couple has any children.


Melanie, William's youngest daughter, was born on August 1, 1964. Like her parents and older siblings, Melanie pursued a career in front of the camera, making her debut in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in 1986. She has since appeared in a wide variety of films and TV shows, including Knots Landing, Camp Cucamonga, Dark Justice, Their Second Chance, and Madison.

William talked about his three daughters' experiences in 1999 and 2014. “I have the time now to grab a grandchild and talk, and hug and kiss them, and to give them some of the knowledge I’ve learned.”

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