William Shatner's Spouses: Meet His 4 Wives Over His Lifetime

William Shatner's Spouses: Meet His 4 Wives Over His Lifetime ...

In a 2021 interview with CBC Radio, William Shatner said, "We are all essentially alone." And I envy those who do. I believe we die, and our bodies are consumed, and we enter the universe." And enter the universe he did, as he entered Jeff Bezos' New Shepard spacecraft in October of 2021.

Shatner has battled loneliness, forming friendship with four beloved wives: Gloria Rand, Marcy Lafferty, Nerine Kidd, and Elizabeth Anderson Martin. And, even if his marriages have come to an end, his devotion for each of his wives will last long after the film's release.

Gloria Rand is a professional tennis player.

William Shatner married his first wife, fellow Canadian Gloria Rand, from 1956 to 1969. Gloria met him on Dreams, a screenplay series that he had written for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). I later married the girl I later married and became the mother of my three children,” Shatner said in a 1999 interview with the Archive of American Television.

After four months, the couple wed at the Toronto house where her parents lived. Leslie (b. 1958), Lisabeth (b. 1961) and Melanie Shatner (b. 1964).

Shatner told The Guardian in 2014 that he must have been a hands-on dad because, in my mind, I was working a lot of the time to make a living, so I am gratified that my children believe that they are who they are today because of my influence on them and my willingness to stand behind them on weekends.

Shatner wrote in his 2008 autobiography that he didn't like being married. But when his career took off in the 1960s, he felt that his success altered the nature of their marriage. "I was becoming a star; she was still my wife."

"I was so busy supporting my family and resented Gloria because I wasn't getting enough joy out of my marriage," he wrote, adding that his wife "probably [had] many reasons" to resent him. "Every week new and beautiful — and apparently available — women showed up on the set."

The distance — both metaphysical and literal — that Shatner had to endure while filming Star Trek was too much for the marriage. The couple divorced in 1969.

Marcy Lafferty is a professional basketball player.

The Anderson Trial was a 1970 television adaptation of a 1959 broad play by Saul Levitt. "I was down on my luck, and [director George C. Scott] wanted a female cast — it was an all-male cast — to run lines with the actors. Bill was the only one who wanted to run lines with me because his part was bigger than Hamlet." Lafferty told the Washington Post in 1991.

Lafferty is an accomplished actress who has appeared in Hawaii Five-O, Bronk, Barnaby Jones, and others. She worked with Shatner on his television series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979, and in 2002's Vivien Leigh.

Shatner and Lafferty shared a common interest in horse breeding, according to the Washington Post. "These horses are kept deliberately a little wild, and they're dangerous if you're not an experienced rider," Shatner told the Washington Post.

William Shatner and Marcy Lafferty divorced in 1996 after nearly two decades together. "Our marriage certainly wasn't her fault," Shatner said in his autobiography. "When it comes to divorce, it takes two to tie up."

"Over time, a husband and wife develop apart," he added. "Marcy realized that." She once told a reporter, 'Life took us apart, and it was time to move on."

Marcy would sue him for "breach of contract over breeding privileges of three American saddlebred horses," according to the AP. He claimed she had an agreement for him to provide semen from three of their horses in a "freshly cooled form" and that his decision to give her the semen in "frozen form" is unacceptable.

Shatner told the New York Times in 1994 that he had all of his anger, anger, desire, and sensuality about him. Star Trek has been uplifting and supported in every sense of the word. My personal life is now resurrected, as well as my professional life.

Nerine Kidd is a professional basketball player.

When William Shatner was shooting a project in Toronto, he remembered Nerine Kidd. "We were laughing maybe too loudly, and I looked over his shoulder and saw her." Nerine was an actress and a model from Boston, and she immediately fell in love with Shatner. "You always remember the smiles and the laughter," he said.

“I married Nerine against the advice of my family and friends. Against my own good sense,” Shatner told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2008. He married Leonard Nimoy, his Star Trek mentor and lifelong friend in 1997.

Leonard Nimoy spoke to me shortly before I married Nerine. 'I know she is,' I assured him. 'But I love her.' He then said, saddenedly, 'Well, Bill, you are in for a rough ride.'

“Our wedding day was wonderful,” Shatner said later in the interview. “Nerine was sober, and we went to bed that night ecstatic.” I woke up the next morning at eight, and she was drunk. Later, I discovered she had hidden bottles of vodka throughout the house.”

Nimoy, out of loyalty to his friend, "tried desperately hard" to assist Kidd with her alcoholism. "He had battled his own demons with the bottle when we were filming Star Trek," said Shatner. "He kept it hidden so well that none of us knew it at the time."

Nerine Kidd died on August 9, 1999, while alone in their house. An autopsy determined significant levels of alcohol and Valium in her system; authorities eventually determined whether or not Shatner was involved in her death. During that time, rumors arose that he was never investigated.

“I remember diving into the pool,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald. “One of my wife's arms was floating above her, and I grabbed her by the arm and lifted her towards the shallow end. Her skin was blue. I remember every second; for someone to suspect I killed her? I gave my life to my wife because I loved her. And believe me, alcoholism had Nerine by the throat.”

"I don't think you ever recover from an event like that," he wrote in his autobiography. "You deal with the pain, then as the time passes, you absorb the substance, and it becomes part of you."

"We were so in love, and she was drinking, but I didn't understand addiction," he would later say of The Guardian. "I later founded the Nerine Shatner Foundation, which has a house connected to a halfway house, where eleven women can live."

Elizabeth Anderson Martin is a British author.

Shatner wrote in his autobiography that he had received tens of thousands of letters from individuals expressing their condolences, advice, or sympathy. One letter from Elizabeth Anderson Martin caught his attention due to her excellent penmanship. The pair had met through their shared love of horses, since they often entered their steeds in the same races.

“She understood my heartbreak because she had nursed her husband in cancer for a year and a half, who died about two years before Nerine died,” Shatner said in a 2002 interview on CNN's Larry King Live, per the Irish Examiner. “You met my wife Elizabeth, a wonderful and caring person.

In his autobiography, Elizabeth is described as a strong, independent woman and a gifted artist. She has discovered her creative gifts.” She co-hosted the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, a show started by Shatner in the 1980s to raise money for children and veterans.

Martin and Shatner met in 2001. However, their luck seemed to run out in March 2020, when they divorced. "I wish everyone the best," Shatner told The Mirror following the separation. However, in May 2021, Shatner admitted that he might have reunited with Martin. She also planned to join him for his 90th birthday in 2021.

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