How to Remove Google Results About You

How to Remove Google Results About You ...

Google is making it simpler to delete Google results about you that contain personal identifiable information.

The new "Results about you" feature, which was introduced back in May at I/O 2022, is beginning to be offered to consumers.

Now, if you're worried about your information online and discover something that contains personal identifiable information about you, you may file a complaint much quicker.

Simply tap on the three dots on the top-right side of each search result to open a new window, which now includes a "Remove result."

By clicking on this link, you may ask for Google to erase your personal information and to monitor previous requests much more easily.

In the walkthrough that follows, you can tell Google that a search result displays your personal contact info, shows your information with an intent to harm you (useful for doxxing), or it's simply outdated.

Google also explained that while the feature helps users recover their privacy, it isn't a panacea for removing personal information.

“It’s important to note that when we receive removal requests, we will review all content on the web page to ensure that we’re not limiting the availability of other information that is broadly useful, such as in news reports,” the company stated. Likewise, removing contact information from Google Search does not removing it from the web, which is why you may wish to contact the hosting site directly.

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