VDMHealth has joined the Consorci de la Zona Franca's 4.0 business environment

VDMHealth has joined the Consorci de la Zona Franca's 4.0 business environment ...

Virtual Doctors and Medicines (VDMHealth) has been incorporated into the CZFB's ecosystem of businesses in the DFactory Barcelona building a 17,000 square meters dedicated to innovation.

VDMHealth is a company that, using algorithms and artificial intelligence, offers solutions to improve medical care in all areas of care, with guaranteed benefits for professionals and patients. It has an intelligent platform that includes support tools to automate and gain precision in the tasks of prior evaluation and diagnosis, pharmacological prescription, treatments, and care in real time and on demand.

The system is constantly working on new therapies for the most common illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and other chronic illnesses. The organization now has its own office in the DFactory Barcelona, where it will be able to continue working on innovative technological solutions, as well as begin to build synergies and other alliances with other companies present in the building to jointly develop new initiatives.

The objective of this sustainable and unique structure is to foster the development of new enterprises with a different value proposition, as well as to provide visibility and assistance to the ecosystem by promoting activities to attract talent and investment, making the DFactory Barcelona a focal point in southern Europe. In its short history, the building has already had a occupancy rate of 40%, with 30 companies and 150 people working in a single room.

"Our facilities have all the necessary characteristics to lead the transformation towards a new economy, but for this it is essential to continue to encourage public-private collaboration", says Pere Navarro, the special delegate of the State in the CZFB. "The addition of VDMHealth to DFactory, a company with which we share the project's vision, represents a significant advancement for our ecosystem of 4.0 companies that will help us continue to expand and consolidate this evolution."

"We are extremely excited to have been invited to join DFactory Barcelona and be a part of the ecosystem that is leading Spain to lead digitization in Europe and the rest of the countries", says jordi ferrer, the CEO of Virtual Doctor and Medicines.

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