Did Katrin Jaeger Leave the FBI International? What Has Happened to Christiane Paul?

Did Katrin Jaeger Leave the FBI International? What Has Happened to Christiane Paul? ...

Katrin Jaeger is a key character in 'FBI: International,' led by Christiane Paul. She is originally from Germany and can speak many languages, including, but unlikely not limited to, German, English, and Russian. Jaeger serves as a liaison between the FBI and every country she visits.

Did Katrin Jaeger Leave the FBI: International?

In the second season premiere of 'Unburdened,' Jaeger's replacement is Megan "Smitty" Garretson (Eva-Jane Willis), a street-savvy agent who has collaborated with the International Fly Team leader Scott Forrester on a case that has become a study material at the academy in Quantico.

Jaeger has been promoted. “She’s in charge of all of Western Europe,” Smitty tells her colleagues. “Not gonna lie, she’s my personal hero. Katrin [Jaeger] thought I'd be able to enter the trenches since we already have a shorthand. And of course, I intend to fill enormous shoes.”

What Has Happened to Christiane Paul?

When it comes to Dick Wolf programs, actors depart for many reasons, or are tempted to take a break because of personal tragedies. Neither Paul nor the series producers have said anything about her departure; it has taken place in a manner that opens the door to a fresh future.

All three 'FBI' programs were renewed for two seasons in May 2022. "The FBIs are one of the most successful brands in the entire television landscape," according to Kelly Kahl, the CBS Entertainment president at the time. "They've attracted a loyal fan base, thanks to the exceptional vision of executive producer Dick Wolf and the exceptional talents of all three outstanding casts and creative teams."

In the 2022 German film 'The Robber Hotzenplotz' or 'Der Räuber Hotzenplotz,' based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Otfried Preußler, Paul plays Witwe Schlotterbeck.

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