What Has Happened to Wanna Marchis Daughter Stefania Nobile?

What Has Happened to Wanna Marchis Daughter Stefania Nobile? ...

Wanna Marchi, a television personality known in Italy throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, was well-known due to her TV salesperson appearance. Her daughter, Stefania Nobile, was equally instrumental in her mother's success. The Netflix documentary 'Fortune Seller: A TV Scam' is a four-part series that explores the mother-daughter bond and their eventual breakdown.

Stefania Nobile, who is she?

Stefania was born in November 1964 to Wanna Marchi and her first husband, Raimondo Nobile. On the show, Wanna stated that while Raimondo loved his children, he was never a father to them. By the late 1970s, Wanna's popularity grew in the country, and it was also the time Stefania joined the cast. She was 15 years old when she first appeared on TV with her mother.

Stefania began selling cellulite products in 1980 and quickly became an expert. She remembered how their phone operators worked. They were taught to keep customers on the line and have them call back several times so they may be sold additional items.

Stefania said on the show that her strength always lied in identifying the appropriate products to sell and naming them. At one point, Wanna and Stefania proposed selling a product called "The Belly Melter." It wasn't even possible when the product was first licensed. They then approached their supplier to develop a slimming product.

Stefania, Wanna, and Mário Pacheco Do Nascimento established their own company, Ascié, in May 1996, selling everything from lucky amulets to lottery numbers and horoscopes while making unrealistic promises.

In November 2001, a woman named Fosca Marcon received a call from Wanna; the latter informed Fosca that she would receive lottery numbers that would make her a millionaire. Her children were enraged and demanded that Striscia la Notizia investigate how Ascié performed. Stefania threatened to call the cops and wish harm to her family.

What happened to Stefania Nobile today?

Stefania and Wanna were detained while on trial in May 2004, according to the prosecutor. She blamed it all on the telephone operators, while Wanna played an important role behind the scenes.

Stefania was found guilty of defrauding their customers in May 2006, but the sentence was later reduced to nine years, four months, and nine days. Wanna stated in October 2016 that her daughter struggled to cope with being in jail.

Stefania and Wanna announced that they would take part in an Italian reality show, 'Isola dei Famosi,' but they later regretted it after discussing it with the producer. Stefania and Wanna have since operated an online store that sells perfumes, cosmetics, and courses on selling.

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