What Has Happened to Jeffrey Dahmers' Step-Mom Shari Dahmer?

What Has Happened to Jeffrey Dahmers' Step-Mom Shari Dahmer? ...

'Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' on Netflix explores Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes, as well as their families. The story also explores the narrative from the perspective of the people who fought to keep Dahmer from dying.

What Has Happened to Shari Dahmer?

Shari Jordan Dahmer has been married to Lionel Dahmer since 1978, after he divorced his first wife, Joyce Flint. Their last known whereabouts lie in Ohio, where they have spent the majority of their lives.

When Lionel introduced Jeffery to Shari, she learned that she had left her and Lionel's second son, David, while Jeffrey had been living alone for a period of time. He was just vulnerable. Even if I wasn't his stepmother all his life, you sense those things as well.'

She claims that she and Lionel had attempted to help Jeffrey. Even when he was away from them, in Wisconsin, they'd kept an eye on him by visiting him time and time again, which is why it was so surprising when they discovered all the horrific things that had been discovered in the same apartment.

The families of Steven Hicks filed a wrongful death lawsuit against them in 1992. Jeffrey was never defended or denied but believed he needed psychiatric treatment.

Shari kept in touch with her stepson throughout his time in jail and paid him regular visits until his death in 1994. She has given a few interviews about Jeffrey's life and his state of mind, including in her appearance on 'Dahmer on Dahmer.' She expressed her desire to do "anything that we might do to avert or prevent another Jeff," most notably with respect to her husband's book, 'A Father's Story.'

Shari and David had a good relationship with Jeffery and the same with their younger brother, David. We're no different than anyone else in the world... Nobody bothers us here... Nobody picks on us... We've been here 17 years and we're a part of the neighborhood, no more, no less," she said in the documentary. She hoped that people would "learn to observe our children, monitor them, and appreciate any flaws."

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