For a novice like me, Rocksmith+ makes learning guitar a joy

For a novice like me, Rocksmith+ makes learning guitar a joy ...

I am not proficient at playing guitar. I have however, played games that utilize plastic guitars as controllers. Rocksmith+ can serve as a bridge for others.

Players can use an actual guitar to interact with a vast catalog of songs, including artists such as Alice Cooper, Nsync, and Mozart.

For a novice like me, it also includes a number of learning tools.

Starting from zero

Rocksmith+ is a free video tutorial for guitar players that will teach you the basics. Such as on how to properly hold the instrument, it also offers video tutorials.

Soon, I was mastering some basic chords. A video tutorial would show me where I should place my fingers, and an on-screen lesson would begin. Here, I had to strum the chord when instructed by a note highway, similar to the UI you'd see in games like Guitar Hero. Except here, you're playing actual strings on a real guitar.

Starting off with these basic concepts, you may begin to compose songs. As either a beginner or a vet, you may perform a simplified version of the song. I can even use a setting that stops the song when I need to play a note, patiently waiting for me to get my fingers where they need to go and strum before the song continues.

Rocksmith+ will even isolate sections you're struggling on and provide instruction. You may repeat the same section until you've improved your understanding of it.

A wide variety of accessibility and personalization options help make things simpler. For example, you can modify the layout of your in-game fret, or you may play songs with tabs if that is a more comfortable way for you to visualize notes.

A powerful tool

I'm not claiming that Rocksmith+ has transformed me into Van Halen. No matter the method, learning a guitar requires time and effort. But Rocksmith+ makes practicing enjoyable and enjoyable, and it can provide direct feedback on how you're doing.

It's a clear improvement from just watching YouTube tutorials, and it's even an excellent substitute for an in-person tutor. I have little doubt that if I devoted the time to it, I might acquire a decent grasp on guitar or bass.

Rocksmith+ isn't just a teaching tool; it can be used in ways that aren't currently available. That's when it can feel more like a Guitar Hero experience, where you're actually playing real notes on a real instrument.

The guitar hopefuls receive a present.

I don't play guitar, although I do dabble in other instruments, such as the tin whistle. I'd love to have software like this to help me learn songs and techniques for that instrument.

I'm honestly jealous of you if you are a guitar player or are interested in purchasing the instrument. Rocksmith+ has everything you need to become a string-strumming musician.

For my hands-on time, Ubisoft gave me preview access to Rocksmith+, a guitar, and a Rocksmith Real Tone cable.

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