Minecraft has partnered with BBC Earth to bring Frozen Planet 2 to life

Minecraft has partnered with BBC Earth to bring Frozen Planet 2 to life ...

Five free Minecraft worlds featuring immersive landscapes, animals, and game-based learning resources have been created by BBC Earth and Minecraft Education. Each world is inspired by stories from the BBC Studios' Natural History Unit's new landmark series.

Frozen Planet II educational content has been made available for free to Minecraft: Education Edition users worldwide in 29 different languages. This new content is also accompanied by lesson plans for educators to teach and inspire students about the importance of our frozen worlds and allow them to investigate the impacts of climate change as part of their classroom curriculum.

Minecraft players will be able to play from the perspective of an animal, including the penguin, bumblebee, and polar bear. It will even allow players to see the frozen worlds from their perspective, such as a killer whale using a wave washing technique to brush the seals off an ice floe and into the ocean.

Players may even choose to do their hand at being a natural history film-maker on location, where they are assigned to document important animal behavior and information to inform environmental research.

Frozen Planet II's Producer Elizabeth White had this to say:

Allison Matthews, Minecraft Education's Head, has shared something new about the partnership:

The first Minecraft Education world for Frozen Planet II will be available on September 21, 2022, with additional games coming out weekly.

Frozen Planet II is now available on BBC One and iPlayer.

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