Whos ready for some football, according to an NPD August 2022 report

Whos ready for some football, according to an NPD August 2022 report ...

Ah, August. Football season. I wonder. Do I appear to be someone who knows everything about sports? I just watch Jon Bois videos and perennially wait for the Seattle Mariners to break my heart. OK, hold on, let me fact-check myself. Professional American football starts not in August, but in September.

Yes, the classic sportsball game that doesn't update much and still becomes a smash hit is now available on Switch. Especially since the likes of FIFA and NBA 2K have already established themselves on the system for a long time. And while I'm reluctant to suggest that EA might be able to make more money in some way, this is certainly one of them.

What else is there...? Nintendo stuff, that's the whole purpose of this website. I've figured out that if Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best-selling game of the month on Switch (it was) then nothing really unusual happened. The rest of the list is the usual suspects, though Digimon Survive managed to hold on for another month and actually climbed a few places back into the top ten due to the Tears of the Kingdom story.

Besides that, video games are still selling! The PS5 continues to lead in hardware dollar sales, while the Switch leads in units sold! Next month, we'll be sure to update you on what's doing well or not (we'll keep an eye on this "splah tuun thrii" game).

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