BTS appears in a partnership with the mobile game Cookie Run Kingdom

BTS appears in a partnership with the mobile game Cookie Run Kingdom ...

Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) and the mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom have collabsted for a "Braver Together" collab event. The Braver Together collaboration event between BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom will begin in-game on October 13, 2022.

Players and fans can expect the following as part of the collaboration:

  • Specially crafted BTS in-game Cookies – one unique cookie for each member
  • BTS-themed maps, new lore, and an in-game BTS concert performed by the aforementioned BTS Cookies
  • Teaser content leading up to the Braver Together collab event update that includes seven photo cards and fourteen videos

The collab name "Braver Together" is inspired by one of Cookie Run's core values - bravery. BTS' core values coincide with this by bringing fans together to accomplish greatness through the shared values between the two fandoms. On Cookie Run: Kingdom's official social media accounts, seven photo cards and fourteen videos will be released from September 23 to September 30.

Each member of the BTS band will be transformed into their own unique Cookie during the event, and players will be able to go to specially-crafted BTS-themed maps with all new game lore explicitly created for this collab event. The event will culminate in a game concert by BTS for the Cookies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is now available on Android and iOS devices. Players will control a group of Cookies in the same eponymous Kingdom, including Cookie Run classic characters Gingerbrave and Wizard Cookie. The player will collect loot and other items to help build up the Cookie Run: Kingdom, as well as building establishments that will make their kingdom more prestigious.

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