Wanna Marchi: Where is she now? Fortune Seller Update

Wanna Marchi: Where is she now? Fortune Seller Update ...

Wanna Marchi was dubbed the "Queen of Teleshopping" for her seemingly remarkable persuasive abilities, as well for everything from slimming creams to lottery numbers. The four-part docuseries titled 'Fortune Seller: A TV Scam' chronicles Wanna's meteoric rise and steep fall.

Wanna Marchi, who is she?

Wanna was born in September 1942 in Bologna, Italy, a farming family with 13 children. In 1961, she married Raimondo Nobile, who later married her daughter, Stefania, and son, Maurizio.

Wanna worked as a cosmetician in Bologna from 1974 to 1977. Apart from applying makeup on deceased bodies for funerals, she would visit numerous salons and sell her products on television. Although her first two stints didn't go well, she became a household name in Italy in the following years.

Wanna started selling slimming cream, which was unusual but effective at the time. She would often make jokes about how things like acne were harmful, but somehow, it worked. Stefania joined the family, and the family began earning money. However, Wanna filed for bankruptcy due to various reasons.

Wanna and Stefania resurrected by collaborating with another businessman before starting out on their own. In May 1996, Wanna and Stefania founded Ascié together with Mário Pacheco Do Nascimento, a charismatic Brazilian who later described himself as the "Master of Life." The trio then began selling horoscopes and lottery numbers, claiming Mario was aware of them.

Wanna, Stefania, and Mario's customers were mostly elderly, retired women who were often convinced to purchase things like an amulet or ritual, but in reality, none of that was the case. The authorities later discovered a pattern of telephone operators trying to persuade customers to keep buying goods. When they would do a favor, Wanna would insult them and the operators would threaten them with bad things.

Wanna Marchi is in the United Kingdom today.

After a sting operation in November 2001, an Italian television program broadcasted their report on Ascié's business practices, urging the police in Italy to investigate the business. Wanna and her daughter claimed to have exploited others' misery and misery. In January 2002, Francesco Campana and Stefania were apprehended.

Wanna was found guilty of defrauding several customers and profiting from television sales at the end of the trial in May 2004, and after an appeal, her sentence was reduced to nine years and six months in prison in March 2009. After serving half her sentence, she could go to work at a cafe run by Stefania's former partner daily.

Wanna was released from prison in October 2012 after spending about six years in jail; since then, Wanna and Stefania have been in the news intermittently; in December 2017, Wanna was chosen to teach aspiring salespeople at an institute after receiving backlash from the public. The mother and daughter duo later took part in a marathon show in September 2021.

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