A Follow-up Episode in the Case Against Adnan Syed Docuseries

A Follow-up Episode in the Case Against Adnan Syed Docuseries ...

Following the release of Adnan Syed from prison, HBO's four-part documentary series The Case Against him will expand to five parts. A follow-up episode will feature exclusive footage with Adnan Syed from the time he was released.

Amy Berg, the director of the original docuseries, has returned to direct the new episode, which is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Berg, who has been working on the fifth episode since early 2021, was in the courtroom of Baltimore City Circuit Judge Melissa Phinn when the motion to overturn Syed's murder conviction was announced. The four-part series provided evidence in support of the decision.

"We knew that The Case Against Adnan Syed would not be the end of this story, and we've been following every twist and turn in the case since the series first aired in March 2019. It's refreshing to see many of the questions and issues addressed in the original episodes come to bear on the events of this week," said Berg.

When Adnan Syed's case was featured on the "Serial" podcast, it detailed Syed's case and the events leading up to his conviction for the murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old high school student and his ex-girlfriend.

Executive producers include Henrietta Conrad, Jemima Khan, and Rabia Chaudry. Sky production also runs the docuseries as a Working Title TV, Instinct Productions, and HBO Documentary Films.

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