Is The Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series Worth It? Release Date, Specs, and Price

Is The Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series Worth It? Release Date, Specs, and Price ...

Nvidia has officially unveiled their Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series of graphics cards, which are quite shocking to no one. But are these graphics cards worth it? What are the specifications, availability, and pricing? The RTX 4080 12GB, 4080 16GB, and 4090 are a step up for hardware companies, but are they necessary?

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Is the RTX 40 Series Worth It?The RTX 40 Series is a very powerful game.

The timing of the RTX 40 Series release is a bit strange right now. Nvidia has confirmed that the RTX 4090 will be released on 12 October 2022, with other models still to be released. It's possible that the RTX 4090 will be released for Christmas 2022.

RTX 40 Series Specs – Is The RTX 40 Series Worth It?

The new 4nm Ada Lovelace architecture and enhanced DLSS 3.0 technology slashed together into a beautiful metal and plastic sandwich of dreams is an accomplishment in themselves. We may despise the RTX 40 series' features, but they aren't a big deal.

The 40 series is achieving a two-to-four performance boost over the high-end RTX 3 series we all know and love. Yes, the RTX 3080Ti and RTX 3090Ti will not be top dogs for much longer.

The TSMC CO-Developed Ada Lovelace chip offers better power efficiency and superior performance in these bad boys, but those aren't the only features to drool over:

  • 76 billion transistors
  • 90 Shader TLOPs via a new streaming multiprocessor
  • 200 RT TFLOPs with 2x ray-triangle intersection (Long story short, ray tracing looks better)
  • 1400 Tensor TFLOPs (Deep machine learning courtesy of Google)
  • Shader Execution Reordering

All these strange words and prominent figures certainly look impressive, but is the RTX 40 Series worth it?

If players, developers, and designers desire absolute top-end graphics cards with lots of headroom, then this is logically correct. Most PC Gamers want for example 60 FPS + @ 1440P gameplay, which can easily be achieved on a current generation RTX 3070. Even the laptop version of the high-end RTX 30 series can handle this with no difficulty.

If this sounds familiar, it isn't a bad idea to invest a small fortune on the RTX 40 series unless we're talking high framerates, 4K resolutions, and high ray tracing capabilities.

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Price of the RTX 40 Series

Let's not forget the graphics card shortages that are increasing demand and pricing higher and higher. The new RTX 40 series price will be more costly than the equivalent model number in the RTX 30 series by at least £100/$100.

Here are the current confirmed pricing levels:

  • Nvidia RTX 4080 (12GB) – from $899
  • Nvidia RTX 4090 – from $1599

The price of the Nvidia RTX (16GB) model hasn't been confirmed yet, nor has there been any pricing for the rest of the world, but we expect it to be closer to the 4080 range than the 4090.

Users would be foolish not to invest and push their new rigs to the limit, especially if a new laptop or prebuilt PC comes with the RTX 40 series. But what about current high-end RTX 30 customers and bargain hunters? There's nothing that the current generation of Nvidia graphics cards can't handle.

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