At MadameTussauds, Lil Nas X meets his wax-figure Doppelgnger

At MadameTussauds, Lil Nas X meets his wax-figure Doppelgnger ...

Madame Tussauds has unveiled a new wax figure in his image at their Hollywood location thanks to Lil Nas X.

"We're excited for fans to meet Lil Nas X, a musical, social, and fashion icon," said Madame Tussauds Hollywood General Manager Therese Alvich.

Lil Nas X can be seen gasping saying, "Oh my God, that's so good!" This is like the finest I've ever seen, and this is like the most accurate." He also described receiving the wax figure as the "craziest time" of his life.

"Are we twins or what?" Lil Nas X said while touching different parts of the figure in shock. "I knew this would be great, but this is like, frightening incredible."

Lil Nas X is the first wax figure to have grillz in his mouth, according to Madame Tussauds. His iconic gold Versace suit armor from the 2021 Met Gala is perfectly detailed.

The 23-year-old gamechanger has achieved worldwide fame through his internet presence, fashion sense, and streaming of no. 1 hits, including "Old Town Road," "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," "Industry Baby," and "That's What I Want." He released his critically-acclaimed debut album MONTERO in 2021, and has embarked on his first-ever world tour.

Fans may also anticipate Nas X's upcoming video for Riot Games and the League of Legends' 2022 Worlds Tournament.

Check out the wax-figure unveiling video above.

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