Minecraft and BBC Earth collaborate on Frozen Planet worlds

Minecraft and BBC Earth collaborate on Frozen Planet worlds ...

BBC Earth and Minecraft have teamed up to create five free worlds, mostly inspired by the newly released documentary collection Frozen Planet 2.

For the first time ever, it offers a brand new perspective: gamers may observe the worlds as creatures similar to a penguin, bumblebee, and polar bear.

Gamers are asked to record key animal behaviour in order to tell environmental analysis, emulating that of pure historical past film-making experts.

BBC | Frozen Planet II | Trailer – BBC

In Minecraft: Training Version, the content is available for free, and it includes 29 totally different languages as well as lesson plans.

By way of the Minecraft Market, it would be provided to Minecraft: Bedrock Version players for free.

From the moment you see it, the primary world is on the market, with new ones arriving every week.

Minecraft has been used for years for schooling purposes. Mojang Studios believes it has a responsibility to make use of Minecraft to create a better world and encourage future generations on global citizenship and sustainability.

Elizabeth White, the creator of the Frozen Planet 2 collection, said the pure world's ability to engage younger and older.

"It has by no means been more critical to coach gamers at all times regarding the consequences of local weather change," said Allison Matthews, the Head of Minecraft Training. We consider it our responsibility to take action, and this collaboration is the next major step."

Take a look at some screenshots from the Frozen Planet world below.

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