While in New York, Drake displays his jump shot skills

While in New York, Drake displays his jump shot skills ...

Drake is a versatile artist who has a large following in the music industry. It appears that Drake will soon be recognized for his basketball skills. Recently, Drake demonstrated his jump Shot while hooping in New York, which stunned many.

Drake has always had a desire to improve his basketball skills. For the last ten years or more, he has always sat courtside with at least one special visitor, and it should come as no surprise that he has put his skills to the test against players like Kyle Lowry, who has admitted to improving his game.

Chris Brickley, a basketball trainer in New York, is no stranger to working with celebrities. Brickley is well-known for teaching some of the world's top players as well as rappers such as J. Cole and Lil Durk.

Drake was recently in New York to celebrate Kevin Durant's birthday. He then traveled to Brickley's facilities, where he participated in a scrimmage with other trainees.

Drake was on fire throughout the match, and he got to demonstrate his jump shot, which has been steadily developing over the years, in the below highlights. The artist hit several long-range shots and was generally dominant throughout the game.

Drake must be recognized. Did you like seeing Drake playing so well? Let us know about your favorite hip-hop hooper on Thirsty.

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