DeMario Jackson, a Bachelorette star, was sued for sexual assault by two women five years after the show scandal

DeMario Jackson, a Bachelorette star, was sued for sexual assault by two women five years after the  ...

Two women have sued DeMario Jackson for sexual assault. The court filings, obtained by HollywoodLife, detail allegations from each plaintiff, who have filed the complaint anonymously, and separate instances with The Bachelorette star, 35.

Jackson appeared drunk when she went to her house to sleep off any alcohol in her system, but she informed him that she would not be engaging in sexual activities with him. According to the filing, Jane Doe 1, who was awake in the middle of the night and was in severe agony.

Plaintiff Jane Doe 1 has trouble sleeping, is constantly anxious, and has been forced to take disability leave from work, according to the complaint. The sexual assault herein has been by far the most traumatic experience of her life.

Jackson reportedly was "incessant" in pressed her to have anal sex, and she reluctantly agreed. The second Jane Doe, 28, claimed to have met the reality star on social media.

The second woman was also tested for STDs after the alleged assault, and she has undergone therapy following the incident, according to the records. "Jane Doe 2 is deeply affected and deeply sorry by the events described herein.

DeMario Jackson's lawyers and representatives did not immediately respond to HollywoodLife's request for comment. According to the Plaintiffs' complaint, the police, who DeMario cooperated with over three years ago, found these women's accusations to be unjustified and then refused to pursue the case. Sadly, DeMario and I will have to face the same name-clearing outcome in the future.

Both women have called for a jury trial and are seeking compensatory damages, punitive damages, costs of the litigation, and any other help that the court may consider appropriate. If they do not reach an agreement, the first court date is expected in March 2024.

Bachelor in Paradise's production was put on hold five years ago after an encounter between Jackon and his co-star Corinne Olympios. Following the conversation, producers brought the reality show to a halt. An investigation into any alleged sexual misconduct was conducted.

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