Shabnam Dawran, the anchor of Afghan News, has vanished

Shabnam Dawran, the anchor of Afghan News, has vanished ...

'Escape From Kabul,' a new HBO documentary, chronicles the evacuation efforts in Kabul, Afghanistan, in August 2021, just as the Taliban took over. The viewers see the horrors of Afghan civilians who had to be evacuated, many still being left behind.

Shabnam Dawran, who is he?

Shabnam Dawran began her career as a reporter covering social issues in 2016 and eventually became a news anchor. In August 2021, she had been working for RTA Pashto for over six years. According to Islamic law, women may work and study as long as they wish.

Shabnam recalls going to work at the time and said, “I was told not to go to work.” When I asked what the reason was, they said the rules had now changed, and women are not permitted to work in the RTA anymore. When I asked why, they said, “The rules have now changed,” I replied, “It's not true,” but when I saw the reality in my office where women were told not to work.

Shabnam was not allowed to work due to her being a woman, but she was told to return home after she posted a video on Twitter that went viral.

Shabnam Dawran, where is he today?

Shabnam Dawran talked about the British government contacting her shortly after she was made a target. She then made the brave choice to leave her parents behind and bring her brother and sister with her. The wait for evacuation was filled with fear and panic, as Shabnam heard gunfire from up close.

Shabnam previously worked for TOLONews and Shamshad TV and is now a self-employed journalist. She is an avid cricket fan and a huge supporter of the Afghanistan Cricket Association's Facebook page. In August 2022, she was interviewed by Times Radio, in which she called for the British government and the United Nations Security Council to punish the Taliban. She is likely to reside in the United Kingdom with her siblings.

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