Scorn Hands-On Preview Getting Under Your Skin

Scorn Hands-On Preview Getting Under Your Skin ...

Ebb Software provided us a hands-on demo of Scorn, which will be released next month on Xbox and PC at the 2021 Xbox and Bethesda show, which was immediately one of the most standout games of the event. The fleshy, grotesque environments are unlike anything I've ever seen before.

Scorn is an atmospheric, first-person survival horror game set in a H.R. Giger-inspired hellscape. It's a walking simulator, a puzzle game, and a horror adventure in one.

The gross out factor was evident from the moment I saw my preview. Your main character comes to life after being ripped from a mutated larvae type organism and stumbles awake in an unfamiliar environment. Even the design of your character is horrifying. The humanoid character has no skin whatsoever – all you can see is the muscley skeleton underneath.

Scorn's environments are different from your typical horror setting. Everything is made of flesh and goo. The graphics are crisp and clear, and the lighting, combined with the heavy volumetric, coats everything in a musky haze.

Initial confusion on where to go was caused by the absence of tutorials or waypoints. I walked down several corridors, passing by numerous locked doors along the way with no clue as to how to open them. After continuing along and doing some more exploration, I'm able to see where to go.

Scorn isn't a regular video game puzzle. These puzzles are complex. Most steps involve you interacting with mechanisms of some sort which are laid out around the map. Sometimes one of the mechanisms might not do anything until after you solve a puzzle deeper in the level. It's a unique approach. The greatest tip I can offer you is that whenever you get stuck in Scorn, quit and return. You'll probably have a better idea of what you should do.

One of the first puzzles in the beginning area is a sliding tile puzzle that requires me to move an egg attached to the other side of the wall to an elevator on the other side. After getting the egg down, I went back to the upper level and moved it to a chainsaw to successfully extract it. The entire level is a big puzzle.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this approach. Firstly, it's just plain confusing at first. Once I got a handle on the puzzle layout, things began to flow much more naturally. However, some puzzles require you to stand in just the right position, with no real indication of where that spot will go next.

Scorn can be frustrating, but I couldn't help but enjoy the entire 45-minute demo in one sitting. It's amazing. There's constant noise and ominous music all around you. Directional audio is also great, and it all gives a very haunting vibe.

The demo itself is quite brief, although I did find a pistol that I liked. It wreaks havoc on your head, and serves as an obstacle to getting through the area. However, I would not refer to Scorn as a shooter.

Scorn is an interesting little game that I don't think will appeal to everyone. Horror enthusiasts should definitely check out the book if you want to escape the horror world of science fiction horror movies that will soon be released. Unfortunately, Scorn is not available on Xbox Game Pass until the end of the month, so the entry cost is low, and it is definitely something I want to check out later on.

Scorn is available on October 21st, 2022, for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs.

The publisher provided a Scorn preview key for preview purposes.

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