Netflix Teases a Chaotic Failed Heist in The Green Glove Gang Trailer

Netflix Teases a Chaotic Failed Heist in The Green Glove Gang Trailer ...

With series like Money Heist, Netflix's suspense category has reached new highs. Fans will experience a new level of dark comedy when the Green Glove Gang teaser is released.

Following a failed heist, the stealthy trio of honorable thieves hid in a quiet nursing facility. The group continues to operate at the centre, providing a second youth for its senior citizen while the cops close in.

Joanna Hartwig-Skalska and Anna Novak-Zemplinska wrote the eight-episode dark comedy The Green Glove Gang, directed by Tadeusz Liwa.

As the news surfaces on television, the first scene of the trailer depicts a special moment, as three robbers clink their champagne glasses to depict a successful heist. It's a scene that will intrigue you and will draw you towards these ladies. Who are they and why did they do what they did?

The black comedy part starts when they decide to shelter at a nursing home to avoid the police, only for things to get more complicated and give birth to hilarity and confusion!

The residents of the nursing home give their story a comedic twist, and the challenges of living in the strange but enjoyable nursing home begin. The trailer will introduce you to a whole new world of seniors, where you may witness the three expert thieves' mayhem.

The dark comedy was starring a number of talented actors, including Magdalena Kuta and Magorzata Potocka, as well as Anna Romantowsk.

All of the scenes in the teaser make us want to see the film even more, and we just can't wait for these old ladies to rule the streaming platform.

Check out the Green Glove Gang teaser!

On October 19, 2022, you can only see The Green Glove Gang on Netflix.

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