Should You Get the New GeForce RTX 4090 or 4080? A Quick Summary on Performance, Specs, and Pricing

Should You Get the New GeForce RTX 4090 or 4080? A Quick Summary on Performance, Specs, and Pricing ...

The wait has passed, but your savings account will still cry: Nvidia has unveiled the much-anticipated GeForce RTX 4090, along with two more budget-friendly RTX 4080 models.

Jensen Huang, the CEO of GTC 2022, surprised developers with the next generation Nvidia graphics cards, and, despite the focus beingn't necessarily on gaming, PC gamers have new reason to be optimistic.

Take a look at why Nvidia dubbed the RTX 4090 as "Beyond fast," and then see what the next generation GeForce GPUs have to offer.

Nvidia Developed Too Many GPUs, And Now Prices Are Finally Expected to Drop

Nvidia RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 MSRP (Price) GPUs from GeForce

The new lineup's ability to improve performance might make them happy, but with increased capabilities comes increased costs.

  • GeForce RTX 4080 with 12GB memory: $899
  • GeForce RTX 4080 with 16GB GDDR6X  memory: $1,199
  • GeForce RTX 4090 with 24GB memory: $1,599

When you compare MSRPs, the new Nvidia "midrange" GPU costs as much as a RTX 3080 Ti from the previous generation. However, the promised performance looks a bit higher.

Performance of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090

The next generation Nvidia GPUs are based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace, and the third generation RTX architecture promises to "boost performance by up to 4X in fully ray-traced games" – for gamers, that's a lofty goal hopefully matched by real life RTX 4090 benchmarks.

The GeForce Experience app will be able to record 8K 60fps HDR gameplay, and eSports games could have a delay as little as 10 milliseconds.

The RTX 4090, according to NVidia, offers twice the performance in 3D rendering, video export speed, and AI capabilities for creative types and those who need a new GPU for work.

Dennoch, the $1,599 MSRP will make the RTX 4090 out of budget for many people, so, if absolute peak performance isn't your upgrade objective, look into the RTX 4080 alternatives.

The $200 difference between the 12GB RTX 4080 ($899 MSRP) and the 16GB RTX 4080 ($1,199) is reflected in not only memory capacity but also memory bandwidth.

NVIDIA's DLSS 3 Performance

A large part of the reveal is also the new DLSS technology, which runs on a new tensor cores generation. Instead of using the previous DLSS techniques, which generated entirely new pixels to help enhance older games, with DLSS 3 NVIDIA creates entirely new frames to improve image quality.

Microsoft Flight Simulator ran twice as smoothly with the new DLSS technology, and the results were even more dramatic for Cyberpunk 2077's fps – it went from 22 fps with ray tracing on to 100 fps with DLSS 3.

To get a better understanding of the improvements, see the NVidia DLSS 3 flight simulator demo.

With the new NVidia Reflex technology, gamers will be able to take older PC games and make them all shiny and fresh thanks to ray tracing.

NVIDIA Reflex will be released in eight new games, including Overwatch 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, as well as other Ada enhancements.

What is the NVIDIA RTX Remix?

Nvidia RTX Remix is a free modding platform that allows gamers to update classic games with full ray tracing, DLSS 3, and Nvidia Reflex, an eSports component.

Morrowind and Mount&Blade can be brought up to modern standards with RTX Remix.

35 games with DLSS 3 from STALKER 2 to CD Projekt RED games like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt are coming soon.

Here's the whole list:

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Atomic Heart
  • Black Myth: Wukong
  • Bright Memory: Infinite
  • Chernobylite
  • Conqueror’s Blade
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Dakar Rally
  • Deliver Us Mars
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  • F1 22
  • F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch
  • Frostbite Engine
  • HITMAN 3
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2
  • Justice
  • Loopmancer
  • Marauders
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Midnight Ghost Hunt
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • Naraka: Bladepoint
  • NVIDIA Omniverse
  • NVIDIA Racer RTX
  • Portal with RTX
  • Ripout
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of ChornobylScathe
  • Sword and Fairy 7
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Tower of Fantasy
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4 & 5
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

So when should you expect to hear feedback for the RTX 40 series?

Quite soon, indeed.

On October 12, the RTX 40 series will launch with DLSS 3, and on October 18, the critically-acclaimed A Plague Tale: Requiem will launch with the new technology and ray-tracing.

After this November, NVIDIA Racer RTX will be available for download and play, according to Nvidia. It has "most detailed graphics seen to date."

The end of the year will be a mixed bag for those who want to upgrade their PCs, with AMD also promising to release the next-generation Radeon in November.

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