Jeanine Zheng, the Survivors, Everything We Know

Jeanine Zheng, the Survivors, Everything We Know ...

Survivor is a reality series that has been popular among the public for a long time. The participants, AKA castaways, must be willing to sacrifice to survive the harsh conditions. Throughout their time on the show, the cast members are faced with various challenges that they must overcome.

Many actors who joined the Baka tribe have gotten their own share of fame due to the popularity of the show. Jeanine Zheng has a large following of her own, eager to learn more about her.

Jeanine Zheng's Age, Family, and Ethnicity

Jeanine Zheng was born on December 19, 1997, in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. Her older brother, Michael Zheng, is also a close brother, who shares a lot of love for her father's hardships and his journey from China to America. He later joined the United States and completed his doctorate in genetics, enabling him to enhance the yields of those crops.

Jeanine said of her father's dedication to 'Survivor': "To say that I admire his determination, dedication, and dedication is an understatement." In fact, her father's love for the show can, in a large part, be attributed to the reality series, which is one of the main reasons his daughter chose to participate in the competition. Survivor has been his favorite reality American television show since."

Jeanine continued, "He could have never imagined being on the program. But for me to now be on the program, as his daughter and first gen," she says. In her spare time, she enjoys backpacking, hiking, and simply taking in the sights and sounds.

Jeanine Zheng's Profession

Jeanine Zheng is a UX designer by profession. She graduated from Harvard University in May 2020 with a dual major in Design and Environmental Science with 3.8 and 4.0 as her GPAs as part of their double degree. Her senior thesis explored the collagen-based bioplastic, a biodegradable alternative to its synthetic counterparts.

Jeanine also developed a unique liquid printing technology based on the properties of the bio-plastic and explored future uses for the same. She spent 8 weeks at the LS&Co Machine Learning Program in September 2021 to November 2021, and she benefited from her knowledge in feature engineering, predictive/explanatory modeling, data visualization, and image recognition.

Jeanine joined PatientPal in February 2019 as a UX Designer and later as a motion designer for Levi Strauss & Co. in June 2019.

Is Jeanine Zheng dating anyone?

Jeanine Zheng appears to be unable to date anyone at the time of writing. She seems to be completely focused on improving her career and improving herself. She loves to spend time with her friends and family and enjoys hiking to enjoy breathtaking views and pure air.

Jeanine is a Harvard graduate who is keen on environmental issues as shown by her fields of study. She enjoys both being spontaneous and being open to new acquaintances. We believe she is currently enjoying her own company as a single young woman.

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