Is Jesse Jess LaCroix dead? Did Julian McMahon leave the FBI Most Wanted?

Is Jesse Jess LaCroix dead? Did Julian McMahon leave the FBI Most Wanted? ...

Jesse "Jess" LaCroix, played by Julian McMahon, is the main character in the first three seasons of 'FBI: Most Wanted.' He is a natural leader and is often referred to as the "agent's agent." Jess' father was abusive, and their relationship continues today. He has a daughter named Tali.

Jess prefers to keep his professional and personal lives separate. He is especially close to Clinton Skye, who not only works under him but is also his brother-in-law. If the events of season 3 episode 14 have prompted you to question whether Julian McMahon has left 'FBI: Most Wanted,' here are some answers.

Is Jesse "Jess" LaCroix dead?

Yes, jess was killed in the episode 'FBI: Most Wanted.' The incident took place in season 3 episode 14, appropriately titled 'Shattered.' Jess tries to protect the woman from the boyfriend when he discovers her. He is shot in the neck during the encounter. His coworkers Sheryll Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Hana Gibson) are with him as he dies.

Sheryll and Hana are the ones who inform Jess' girlfriend Sarah (Jen London) and his father of what transpired. Earlier in the episode, Sarah and Jess planned a vacation together. Sarah and Jess' father visit Tali's boarding school to provide her with the news.

Did Julian McMahon Leave the FBI: Most Wanted?

Julian McMahon left 'FBI: Most Wanted' in January 2022, according to Variety. "Over the previous few months, the producers of 'FBI: Most Wanted' and I have discussed my departure from the program in favor of other creative possibilities and the transition of my character Jess LaCroix," McMahon said. "I'm extremely grateful to have had the chance to play Jess; he is a great guy."

Showrunner and executive producer David Hudgins told TV Insider that they wanted to honor the premise of McMahon's departure, adding, "We felt that it was something that was both profound and heartbreaking, but also quite acceptable," adding that Jess goes out saving the life of the woman we're attempting to save.

Hudgins replied that the 'Nip/Tuck' actor was perfectly content to let the writers handle the rest of the work. 'Justice,' a screenplay by screenwriter David Ludlow, has been proposed.

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