The game update 1.22 for Evil Dead The Game will be released on October 21

The game update 1.22 for Evil Dead The Game will be released on October 21 ...

During the server downtime today, Saber Interactive released the Evil Dead: The Game update 1.22. This includes a number of changes and fixes to the previously released title update that includes a new Plaguebringer demon class. Read on for the Evil Dead The Game patch notes on September 21.

  • Players no longer can duplicate Shemp’s Cola and Amulets by simultaneously pressing Use and Drop/Drop All in inventory
  • Players no longer can duplicate ammo if the first player clicks to collect ammo, and the second player automatically collects ammo 
  • David Allen’s passive damage reduction from drinking Shemp Cola no longer stacks granting endless health
  • Players can no longer use sprint without any cost by starting to sprint simultaneously with reloading animation
  • Demons can no longer constantly see the icon of the survivor after the resurrection of the survivor on the altar
  • Survivors can no longer get a speed boost by interrupting a fast melee attack by aiming 
  • Possessed Pit Deadites can no longer attack without interruption
  • Scotty’s dodging now costs stamina
  • Players no longer experience disconnection from the match after using “self destruct” during the head throwing animation
  • Title no longer crashes after collecting the second objective in Solo Mode
  • Necronomicon is now showing damage numbers after being hit 
  • DLSS is now working
  • The sound of collecting objectives now plays if the player is far away

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