A Former Enemy Could Have Planned PnB Rocks Murder

A Former Enemy Could Have Planned PnB Rocks Murder ...

The untimely death of PNB Rock has influenced a lot of musicians' lives these days. Following the passing of the Philadelphia rapper, a number of celebrities have been wary about posting information about their locations or whereabouts on social media until they have left the city.

According to TMZ, police officers believe his assassination might have been more than a simple robbery — it may have been a planned assassination by an adversary. The case is being investigated in several different directions.

Detectives are looking into the late rapper's personal lives, particularly those they had an argument with. They are also interested in his links to Atlanta, as well as his hometown of Philadelphia, where they are asking everyone whether or not he had enemies who might have wanted him dead.

PnB's words are also being investigated by authorities in an effort to see if he mentioned any disagreements with his peers or other individuals. This may have been a more elaborate plot by a person with a vendetta.

According to the report, officers are still trying to track down the vehicle via video feeds, and they also believe the late rapper's girlfriend had nothing to do with his death.

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