BLACKPINK Jennie bathtub Photo Leak: She blocks followers after an alleged leak is revealed

BLACKPINK Jennie bathtub Photo Leak: She blocks followers after an alleged leak is revealed ...

BLACKPINK Jennie has taken a few necessary steps to safeguard her alleged connection to BTS V.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Many followers noticed that Jennie from BLACKPINK has unfollowed many users on her 'private' Instagram account on the 20th September.

The surprising moves of the 26-year-old singer came after pictures of her in a bathtub were leaked on social media. It is believed that a notorious hacker named gurumiharibo was to blame for the leak.

The owner of the Twitter account has received a lot of backlash and hate for revealing the image to the general public.

Lee Joo-Hyung, a hacker, is said to have been a mutual friend of V and Jennie in August. Moreover, he allegedly leaked the photographs for money.

Lee Joo-Hyung is said to have also leaked personal photos of Jennie with BTS member V.

Jennie and V dating rumors have been on social media since a photo of the two vacationing on Jeju Island was posted online in May 2022.

More photographs of the alleged couple have been leaked online until August. One picture shows them hanging out in Los Angeles, while another appears to be clicked inside V's home.

Fans appear to have a mixed opinion on the leaked photos, with some claiming that they are heavily edited, while others that they are genuine.

Nevertheless, a few supporters asked the people to refrain from mentioning it at all, stating that it is the artist's personal life.

Fans were enraged by the discovery of Jennie's intimate photographs. They took to social media to express their shock at the news. On social media, you can follow Protect BLACKPINK Jennie's fashion.

One user wrote, 'Well not really. You can investigate something and also threaten legal action against those who share private photos.' YG is just being useless as per usual. It's gotten to the point that supposed bathtub pictures are being shared of Jennie. Legit every company would have done something by now.'

Another fan chimed in saying, 'The person who is leaking photographs of Jennie must be halted. Putting a photo of her in the bathtub on the internet? Come on now.'

'Leak a photo of Jennie in the bathtub,' said a different fan.

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