According to rumors, the PS5 redesign has a detachable disc drive

According to rumors, the PS5 redesign has a detachable disc drive ...

According to a recent speculation, a new PS5 redesign will include a detachable disc drive next year.

For months, reports of a new PS5 console have been making the rounds. In fact, Sony has already made several new PlayStation 5 consoles a little lighter.

Tom Henderson, a well-known video game journalist, has provided the most recent improvement report.

Henderson is the author of a new publication called Insider Gaming. The new PS5 redesign will include the option of a detachable UHD Blu-ray disc drive.

The drive is said to be detachable via an additional USB-C port at the back of the console. However, it will not be required for those who wish to remain completely digital.

Henderson claims that the detachable disc drive will seamlessly integrate with the console, making it appear like the original hardware.

Two new PS5 bundles will be released shortly.

Henderson expects the new PS5 redesign to be released in September 2023.

The Digital Edition or another of the PlayStation 5 console bundles might also include the detachable disc drive. Additionally, the disc drive may also be purchased separately.

Henderson's sources say that despite the PS5 being redesigned, there will be no performance improvements made to the system.

This new console will not be a PS5 Pro, but it will certainly be lighter.

Will the new PS5 sell out immediately?

Despite its being released in 2020, getting hold of a new PlayStation 5 from a trusted store for the regular retail price isn't as straightforward as it should be.

The new model and the current model are expected to sell 18.5 million copies, according to Sony.

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