A GTA 6 leak claims that a hacker wants to reach an agreement with Rockstar

A GTA 6 leak claims that a hacker wants to reach an agreement with Rockstar ...

The alleged hacker has apparently stated that they want to negotiate a "deal" with Rockstar Games following the large GTA 6 leaks.

Rockstar Games were apparently infiltrated by a hacker over the weekend, who gained access to GTA 6's early development videos and leaked them.

Rockstar Games' bedlam was a flop.

Rockstar Games addressed the leaks in the hope of reducing fans' concerns. Moreover, the company promised that the leaks would not hinder the development of GTA 6.

The alleged hacker claims to want to reach an agreement with Rockstar before addressing the situation.

The apparent hacker, "Teapotuberhacker" wrote the following comment on the original GTA Forums post, according to VGC. This was the source of the leaks.

Teapotuberhacker claims that the article has gone unexpectedly viral and that it has awakened 3000 Telegram DMs.

"If you work for Rockstar or Take 2 and want to reach me, send me a Telegram message with the number 22559219889638875756, or you may email me at teapotuberhacker@protonmail.com** from your corporate email address."

What kind of agreement might be struck?

With the limited information provided, it is difficult to rule out that Teapotuberhacker was the original hacker.

Moreover, it hasn't been revealed what kind of "deal" will be struck. Perhaps the most probable outcome is a plea bargain for the hacker.

In the unlikely event that a "deal" between Rockstar Games and the alleged hacker is struck, it might be safe to assume that everything will remain private. That is, until details are revealed.

What is the release date for GTA 6?

At this time, Rockstar Games hasn't announced a release date for GTA 6. After all, official gameplay hasn't even been revealed yet. However, Rockstar Games publisher Take-Two has suggested that GTA 6 might arrive in 2024.

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