The Magallanes Elcano networking sessions promote entrepreneurialism in Sevilla

The Magallanes Elcano networking sessions promote entrepreneurialism in Sevilla ...

The first Social Entrepreneurship Networking Conference Magallanes Elcano has recently been hosted by the Magallanes Elcano Social Innovation Laboratory (LABME) and has allowed a total of 30 social entrepreneurs and 20 experts in various fields to exchange business ideas that promote new collaborative social entrepreneurship initiatives or the consolidation of existing ones.

"Our objective is to continue strengthening the LABME Network, opening new avenues for entrepreneurial activity in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America that allow us to increase both the quantity and the quality of projects that have the hallmark of social innovation in their DNA," according to José Luis Muoz, the co-director of LABME. The meeting has enabled the organization of synergies, interconnections, collaboration, and support among the participants, as well as the III Magallanes Elcano International Congress that was held in

The event provided a forum for discussion about Marcos Eguiguren, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Barcelona, and Celia Daz, a delegate of the Tribuna de Andaluca and professor at Loyola University, who presented the keys to entrepreneurs in forming and sustaining relationships with different entities.

After a session, working groups were formed between experts and entrepreneurs to work on their learning. The next day, the networking participants visited the V Centenario Interpretation Center – First Around the World.

The next Networking meeting has already been scheduled at Commodore Rivadavia, Argentina, on November 3rd. A new opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts that will continue within the LABME Ecosystem, the entrepreneurial community promoted by LABME with the support of the Junta de Andaluca and other entities, that allows mentors and investors to meet virtually with entrepreneurs.

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