New Fright Night Skins, Ashen Night Sylas, and Worlds 2022 Azir!

New Fright Night Skins, Ashen Night Sylas, and Worlds 2022 Azir! ...

Fright Night, as well as Worlds 2022 Azir and Ashen Slayer Sylas, are included in League of Legends Patch 12.18.

The playerbase was asked which skinline they want to see reimagined and reworked during a poll at the start of this year. Riot confirmed that Gothic won this poll a few months ago, and even gave us a sneak peek at these skins.

Azir, a massive mecha in the middle of San Francisco, is the regular Worlds skin recipient.

The latest addition to the Mythic-exclusive Ashen skinline is Ashen Slayer Sylas.

Sylas is the latest addition to the Ashen series, and it is only available through Mythic Essence.

Ashen Slayer Sylas has the same color palette as the other Ashen skins, but he's still unable to find a shirt. His chains are small, and his appearance is similar to Ashen Conqueror Pantheon.

This Ashen skin is certainly in line with the other ones, but it does not quite compete with the other Sylas skins due to its price. Wearing it doesn't feel the same as Pyke's and doesn't carry the same feeling of pride.

Update on the Post-PBE:

  • Full body armor: Unfortunately, this is above possible scope for PBE timeline, but we will keep it in mind for future designs. Please refer to the guidelines in this thread to learn more.
  • Sylas’ helmet is identical to Pantheon’s: While they share similar design pillars the models are different. After having discussed with the team, we feel the helmets are unique enough while retaining the key elements to the thematic.
  • Change of helmet model/adding a hood: these requests fall into the same category as full body armor.
  • Wings from R appearing on other abilities: The team wanted to keep this element impactful, and the team feels that if we add the wings to other abilities, it will detract from the ultimate moment
  • Wings disappearing when Sylas moves: unfortunately this is a technical limitation. Wings are triggered by the animation, and when the animation changes, the wings need to disappear or they will just linger in the original place & orientation. We will revisit this issue if we have a solution around the limitation.
  • We double checked if the SFX (chorus) when Sylas steals an enemy ultimate is cut-off at the end and made a small adjustment to alleviate that feeling.
  • We agree that Sylas’ body was looking too monochromatic and the color balance has been polished.

Azir has been chosen for the Worlds skin this year.

Worlds 2022 Azir looms over the city's buildings in a towering mecha-like figure, adorned with Worlds-related graphics on them. Thresh is also visible in the background, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Azir's gold, white, and blue hues match the Worlds 2022 color palette. The banners flow freely under his arms, and the sand soldiers are now robots with the Worlds logo once active.

Update on the PBE post-PBE:

  • Arise! (W) tether VFX is more ethereal.
  • Shifting Sands (E) shield VFX appear more three-dimensional.
  • The Recall (B) ground decal is more representative of the world map. Australia and New Zealand have been included.
  • The Arise! (W) soldier arms have been adjusted. They now appear less “rubbery”.
  • The Arise! (W) solder icon opacity has been adjusted and is less intense.

Fright Night Skins

“Bound across the land on gigantic frog legs, the Toadstool Boarding House attracts lodgers of the most horrifying kinds. Regardless of where it settles, there is always a monster in need of a place to stay, and Mother Glasc is always there to welcome them into the family with open arms.”

"Awful Orphan Annie comes home from school every day An unassuming little lady with whom no one will play Now all of her family has fled (or died or disappeared) She can rely on Mr. Tibbers to keep her current acquaintances happy.

Fright Night Annie's splash art is one of her finest yet. She has braided twintails and a purple fire that matches her eyes' delight. Tibbers is a spooky figure who stands menacingly behind her knitting a new bear.

Fright Night Annie's purple fire shines bright in game. This is consistent with all of her abilities and her passive swirl. Her SFX for her abilities also have a "hallowed" bass-y effect. Tibbers is mostly black, save his head.

"Draven's intense violence gives everyone a frightening sensation Hide'n' seek is more stakes these days at night "There's no escape for you," he clings with delight. But say his name three times with praise, and he might forget the fight!"

Fright Night Draven wears a mask (a nod to a very well-known horror icon) and has upgraded his knives into chainsaws.

Fright Night Draven's in-game model is mostly black, with only the chainsaws separating them with their grey color. His VFX gave a deep red color, mostly visible when his chainsaws are in the air.

Update on the PBE post-PBE:

  • Chainsaw SFX are more audible on his Spinning Axe (Q), Whirling Death (R), and Recall (B).
  • Auto-Attack now have more impactful SFX.
  • The League of Draven (P) laughter is now “spooky”.

Nautilus was awakened into being by violent and ghoulish screams. He went outside to find them most displeasing These lousy, no good neighbors, always there sightseeing! “What kind of butler would I be if I didn't send them fleeing?”

Renata Glasc and Fright Night Nautilus exchange splash art during mid-dance, with Nautilus' ghastly eyes seemingly expressing happiness at the act. Annie is somewhat visible in the background, just behind Renata.

In-game, his candlelit form is visible in all of its glory. His hook, which is now a chandelier, has several candles on it too. His visual effects are the same blue. He has purple and a terrifying grey as his secondary colors. Some of his abilities have a spider-web pattern too.

Update on the Post-PBE:

  • Riptide (E) visual hierarchy has been adjusted.
  • Titan’s Wrath (W) shield VFX has been adjusted. Ghost icons should more closely match FN Naut head.

"Tender loving care and spoons of sugar spice And all the other things that make a mommy nice It choked her throat and lungs and showed her virtue's vice Some chosen children love the dark, that's Mother Glasc's advice!"

Renata Glasc and Nautilus dance in the middle of the night. Renata Glasc's bat-winged companion, now fully black, is visible behind her. "Mother Glasc" has white and blue flowy hair and a ghoulish glowing arm, in place of her usual mechanical one.

This creepy blue-green color is also shared with her abilities' VFX in-game. As with Nautilus, certain sections of her abilities, such as the root part of her Q, have the spider-web decal on them. The sound effects for her abilities are also modified to enhance the "horror" effect - her ultimate even has a faint scream.

Update on the PBE post-PBE:

  • Her Shield now has more scribbles.

Her Shield now has more scribbles.

Her Shield has now more scribbles.

"Teenage nightmare Trundle leaves everything irritated But he won't lift a finger cleaning up his mess Howling, growling, scowling, his chores he won't address, For he has a team (or two) of Scareball players to impress!"

Fright Night Trundle is mostly in grayscale in the splash art. His weapon, collar, and the pizza he's holding have the orange color, mostly concealed by his full beard and hair. Annie is seen shushing small Tibbers, hiding from Trundle. The mansion behind the house is assumed to be Nautilus and Renata's haunted home.

Trundle's in-game model resembles the colors in his splash art, only with more contrast. Q breathes fire, and when proc'd lightens his weapon, creating a dark field in the shape of a spiderweb. E is... a house with faint howls audible from within.

Update on the Post-PBE:

  • The eyes on his in-game model now glows more.

"Unctuous Uncle Urgot has no nose to smell, nor feet or toes to stink, but he's still feeling swell "Cause visitors arrive and ring the household bell With new parts not so rotten for him, and tummy snacks as well!"

Fright Night Urgot is white from the waist down, and black and purple from his tummy to his legs. Annie and Tibbers are once again visible, both of whom are yet unnoticed by Urgot. Our crab-legged pal appears to be knitted and bandaged, which only adds to the anxiety.

In-game, his shotgun arm, which was incorporated into the background in his splash art, glows purple, similar to his legs and the markings that indicate his passive. Once W is toggled, the spiderweb decal is placed creatively under him. Enemies wounded with his R will hear a clock ticking, and will have their screens covered in his bandages once he pulls them.

Urgot has been waiting for a long time for a new skin, and this is without a doubt one that will not disappoint.

Post-PBE update:

  • Corrosive Charge (W) SFX have been adjusted to further differentiate itself from Base.

  • Fear Beyond Death (R) first and second audible queues have been adjusted. They are more audible.

The SFX for Corrosive Charge (W) has been tweaked in order to make it stand out from Base.

The first and second audible queues for Fear Beyond Death have been changed. They are more audible.

The SFX for Corrosive Charge (W) has been improved in order to differentiate itself from Base.

The first and second audible queues in Fear Beyond Death (R) have been adjusted. They are more audible.

Fright Night Annie, Nautilus, Renata Glasc, Urgot, and Trundle, as well as Worlds 2022 Azir and Ashen Slayer Sylas, are all expected to be released with League of Legends Patch 12.18, which is scheduled to go live on September 21st, 2022.

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