Steve Calkins, an ex-Florida Sheriffs detective, has vanished

Steve Calkins, an ex-Florida Sheriffs detective, has vanished ...

'Disappeared: Crime and Punishment,' a film by Investigation Discovery chronicles the disappearance of two men, a 27-year-old American named Terrance Williams and a 24-year-old Mexican named Felipe Santos in January 2004 and October 2003. Both Terrance and Felipe disappeared mysteriously, and their bodies were never discovered.

The only common thread between these two is that they were approached by Officer Steve and were last seen getting into his automobile. The episode follows the investigation process and helps the viewers comprehend all the details.

Steve Calkins: Who is he?

When Terrance Williams, 27, disappeared on January 12, 2004, his mother, Marcia, filed a missing person report. The car had been located in a tow parking lot on the request of Steve.

Steve had never filed an incident report or arrest letter with Terrance's family, leaving no record regarding his encounter with Terrance. Initially, Steve said he had no memories of the incident, but later on, he was able to recall meeting Terrance. His supervisors asked him for an incident report where he stated that Terrance's vehicle was "in serious condition" at 12:15 pm on January 12, 2004.

Steve parked the car in the cemetery parking lot and agreed to give Terrance a ride to Circle K, since the latter stated he was late for work. He returned to inspect the glove compartment for the car papers but could not find them. When Terrance reportedly called Circle K, he was surprised that he had forgotten the tags.

Terrance's disappearance remained unreported by authorities because to several issues, including the fact that there was no record of his calls to Circle K, or by the employees there. Marcia filed a lawsuit against Steve, and a formal investigation was launched against him. Felipe Santos was discovered in October 2013.

What is Steve Calkins's age today?

As part of the investigation, the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were implicated in various ways, including placing a hidden GPS device in Steven's car as well as cadaver dogs. However, there was no new information that might assist in locating Terrance or Felipe. However, investigators obtained a copy of the call record where Steve was making a tow request to the dispatch. There were also instances of racial slurs as well as contradicting statements in the recording.

Steve was sacked in 2004 on the grounds of being incompetent with the investigation and making contradictory statements. While no specific timeline has been established, he moved to Iowa shortly after being dismissed from the force. In 2014, records indicate that Steve lived in the southeast part of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, before moving to the northeastern side of the town.

Both Terrance and Felip were declared dead after being missing for five years. Marcia sought the counsel of a well-known civil rights lawyer, Ben Crump, in a wrongful death lawsuit against Steve. The arbitration was unveiled and entered into a judgment, which resulted in Steve being found not guilty.

Crump filed a petition for reconsideration and a fresh trial in December 2020, but it was rejected on appeal in January 2022. Steve is currently in his late 60s and maintains a low profile. He has avoided divulging personal information as well as his current location.

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