Recap and Explanation of The Patient Episode 5

Recap and Explanation of The Patient Episode 5 ...

The fifth episode of FX on Hulu's thriller series 'The Patient,' titled 'Pastitsio,' follows the aftermath of Alan Strauss' instruction to Sam Fortner to see Mary, the latter's wife. Alan asks his "restaurant guy" to send a message to his daughter and son if he escapes the horrors of Sam before the therapist. Here's all you need to know about Elias's fate!

Recap of The Patient Episode 5

'Pastitsio' begins with Sam meeting Mary, who becomes surprised to discover their ex-husband unexpectedly. She replies that she is "against the rules." Mary reminds him that he never took a chair belonging to him from her house and that she both carry it with him in case he escapes before the therapist.

Alan thinks about Ezra's childhood and how close he was to Beth. Sam returns to his mother's house with his homicidal urges burning inside him. Candace reminds Sam of the necessity to protect her by not killing anyone again. Elias is saved from being shot randomly because he misunderstands that people are provoking him.

Elias Is Dead?Will Sam Kill Again?The Patient Episode 5 Finale: Is Elias Dead?Will Sam Kill Again?

Alan tries to follow Elias' plan and orders the serial killer to bring Elias back to the session. However, Sam's choice turns out to be a mistake as he kills Elias. In the serial killer's eyes, they all deserve to die. He concludes that he isn't doing anything wrong by killing them.

Alan realizes the same, but he fails to anticipate the consequences of exposing the superficial nature of such a motive. Sam will not be able to deal with the realization that none of his victims and potential victims, including Elias, deserve to be killed, which may make him hate himself.

Elias' death is expected, especially considering Alan's inability to modify Sam's mind and homicidal impulses. This is why Alan fails to transform Sam into a non-murderous being; however, Elias' death may be the missing piece of Alan's attempt to change Sam.

Sam may regret killing Elias and begin to dive deep into his feelings to realize that the source of his homicidal urges is nothing but his unreleased anger and displeasure. This may be an indication that he is beginning to realize the true reasons for his murderous impulses.

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