Recap & Review of Andor Season 1 Episode 3

Recap & Review of Andor Season 1 Episode 3 ...

Kassa begins his exploration of the wrecked ship alone, as the rest of the tribe have retreated with their leader. Maarva, of all people, appears as Kassa. He begins speaking his native tongue, but the other tribes don't understand him.

Maarva decides to take the child and conceal him. It's a poor move, considering the Empire is on the lookout for him, and they might mistook the child for Cassian and kill him.

Cassian waits in the shadows for Brasso, stating that he'll reimburse him after his meeting, and that he'll need to contact Maarva to receive his money. “I'll find a way,” he promises and jogs away.

Luthen, the guy who arrived on the planet at the end of the previous episode, is now Bix and Cassian's contact. Bix leads him to the meeting place, reassured Luthen that he's there.

The soldiers get down and depart for Maarva's to detained Cassian. Sergeant Mosk discovers another resident hiding in the house, which of course is B2EMO. Cassian speaks to his droid and immediately deposes Maarva.

Both Mosk and Deputy Inspector Syril cross the road, having gained a grip on his position. That's good news, after Cassian has just secured a meeting with Luthen.

Bix receives news of the Empire's taskforce before it's too late. Of course, Timm gets involved and assures her that Cassian can deal with himself. This is enough for Bix to realize Timm has betrayed her.

Cassian receives another 1000 credits to explain how he got the unit at the meet. He turns out he snuck aboard and took it out right from under the Empire's noses. Cassian applauds the Empire's arrogance, while Luthen predicts that this regime will end at some point.

Luthen has been looking for more than the army. He knows Cassian murdered two soldiers and encourages him to join them so they may fight back properly. Unfortunately, Bix is captured in the streets while she's en-route to warn them.

Luthen and Cassian devise a strategy to escape after dismantling Cassian's comms unit and realizing that it can be traced. However, they are ambushed by soldiers who begin firing on their location. Unfortunately, the starship unit is lost under debris that falls from the ceiling.

Timm is shot dead when he throws his revolver at the soldiers holding Bix. Before she can even comprehend the news, the soldiers are forced to abandon her when they realize what's happened inside the warehouse, putting Bix on her knees and shocked at what's happened.

Cassian takes his radio and destroys it, and Luthen encourages him to kill the guy, as he shakily replies to Cassian's requests. Instead, he is tied up and left there.

Given Luthen and Cassian manage to slip away on a speeder, they fire on the ship, but the ship is rigged with an explosive, and they blow it up, leaving Luthen and Andor dead. Maarva also departs with Kassa on her ship.

The third episode has set things up nicely for the rest of the season, which is slowly edging its way toward a much larger conflict. The program still has issues with its timing, which is somewhat slow given the narrative being told.

It's also a shame that Cassian doesn't have that much charisma. Not only that, but the antagonists aren't that skilled either, especially given how easily the Deputy Inspector was stopped and ambushed by Cassian. Why was he alone anyway? These sorts of niggling errors make for a rather tense confrontation, when personally, it's nice to have a more dangerous adversary.

Despite the fact that this is a minor Star Wars show, I'd expect it to be praised to the high heavens, especially following the mess of Obi-Wan earlier this year.

The extra run-time should give us more clues about Andor's purpose in all of this.

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